Is your life a 10?

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Do you have a story due to stress or resentment?

Is it the divorce, past abuse, the job you lost, the neighbor?

What if you could change that story, and it changed your life?

What if you could navigate the waters of change

and empower yourself?



You may be asking, “How do I know if I have a story?”

Read my free report to find out AND to discover what to do about it.

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optin-cover-112916Are you lacking energy because you’re up all night, seething?

Maybe you are still carrying scars from a difficult childhood or marriage, things like low self-esteem, no confidence, worthlessness, and shame. 

Once you know you have a story and what it is, you can begin working toward changing it to create peace and freedom in your life.

 There is a promise of peace if you look at your story, and that’s the name of the photo on the report cover… it’s titled Promise of Peace.


The happiness generated can help you personally and in your business!

 It all has to do with willingness to take your story out of the basket where’s it’s been stored… and to look at it. 

Are you ready and willing to reap the benefits that looking at your story can bring?


If you’re ready to explore, that’s where I come in.


If you’re tired of being sick and tired of your story, your stress, the resentment… then get support to resolve it so you can be more peaceful and harmonious with yourself and with others.


Empower yourself!


My website is all about allowing you options to use so you can generate more peace and freedom in your heart and in your life. The biggest benefit is the freedom forgiveness produces.


It all begins when you read my report, The Beginning: Change Your Story, Change Your Life. 


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That’s the starting point. Then can come the work I encourage and offer. 

When you’ve read my free report and are ready, there are two programs to support you. They are Change Your Story, Change Your Life and the Toe Tester and if you hover over these names, it is a link to view them. 

Enjoy yourself as you scout around these pages.

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