Welcome to my site! I’m excited to share with you what was said about my newly released book.

The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace “…demonstrates how forgiveness is indeed an art that can take all the broken pieces of a life and turn it into something meaningful and beautiful. The author writes beautifully and honestly, sharing her painful path away from self destruction to a new life of peace and joy. Her authentic writing style makes you feel you are personally watching her slowly discover self liberation from the grip of past resentments and misery.” John Dugan. You can find the book on CJ’s Holiday Gift for You. It is intended to help guide you to peace and freedom. 

This site is all about forgiveness. It presents resources for you to utilize to tap into wonderful emotions and feelings. As you read through this site, know everything is geared toward your healing and support for you to reach your goals of peace through forgiveness. Let me start by asking a question…   

Do you have stress and chaos in your life?

  • Is sleeping through the night difficult?
  • Are you seething with anger over childhood issues?
  • Does guilt plague you over things you did years ago?
  • Are your relationships strained, keeping you isolated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my report can help.

From the report, The Beginning: Change Your Story, Change Your Life, you gain:

  • How to identify whether you have a resentment or feel guilty,
  • Ways to explore your anger, resentment, or guilt, and
  • One tip to help you manage them.

You can get the report by leaving your name & email in the boxes to the right. 

It is my hope you get a copy of The Beginning, as it relays some of the things I learned after being angry and bitter for thirty of my adult years. I drank and drugged during those years, which fueled the resentment. After I crashed and burned with my drinking, I sought sobriety. Four years into it, I discovered a way to forgive my past. The peace and freedom I felt were immediate and immense! This changed my life from being an angry, bitter, blaming victim to living in positivity and gratitude!  This report is the first step that supports you to get to that same place. Enjoy!

After you start with The Beginning, this website offers you tools that support you to grow beyond your anger, resentment, and guilt. These tools assist you to: 

  • Identify when you are angry, resentful, or feeling guilty,
  • Discover the ways to grow beyond anger, resentment, and guilt,
  • Learn the power of gratitude and other practices such as compassion,
  • Gain forgiveness, thus, more peace and freedom from resentment in your life,
  • Experience a physical lightness, as if the rocks have fallen out of your backpack, and
  • Explore the world around you with curiosity and fresh eyes. 

 After you order your report, make yourself at home and feel free to meander through the pages of my site. Of note are my books which are award winners…  Opening the Gates of the Heart, published in 2010, was awarded the silver medal for world peace in the 2018 Living Now Evergreen Book Awards! Such an honor! It is under the “Books” tab. And, my newly-released book The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace is a #1 bestseller! You can see information about it at Amazon.com.  

Blessings, cj