Who do you need to forgive?

Imagine sleeping through the night, no longer tossing and turning over the feud you were having with your neighbor, spouse, or co-worker. Ah, relief!

You may not be sleeping soundly, however. Do any of the following describe you and your life?

  • Are your relationships strained, keeping you isolated?
  • Do you have chaos in your life?
  • Are you seething with anger over childhood issues?
  • Does guilt plague you over things you did years ago?

If you cannot forgive yourself or others, and if you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be angry, resentful of yourself or others, or feel guilt. 

If you are experiencing one or all of these emotions, look below at what you can experience when you learn to go beyond your anger, your resentment, your guilt. You: 

  • Gain forgiveness, thus, more peace and freedom in your life,
  • Identify when you are angry, resentful, or feeling guilty,
  • Discover the ways to grow beyond anger, resentment, and guilt,
  • Learn the power of gratitude and other practices such as compassion, acceptance,
  • Experience a physical lightness, as if the rocks have fallen out of your backpack, and
  • Explore the world around you with curiosity and fresh eyes. 

To start the process of getting beyond the chaos and unrest that anger and resentment bring, I offer to you my report, The Beginning: Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

From the report you gain… 

  • How to identify whether you have a resentment or feel guilty,
  • Ways to explore your anger, resentment or guilt, and
  • One tip to help you manage them.

 You can get the report by leaving your name & email in the box on the top right of the page. 

It is my hope you get a copy of the report, as it relays some of the things I learned after being angry and bitter for thirty of my adult years. I drank and drugged during those years, which fueled the resentment. After I crashed and burned with my drinking, I sought sobriety. Four years into it, I discovered a way to forgive my past. The peace and freedom I felt were immediate and immense! This changed my life from being an angry, bitter, blaming victim to living in positivity and gratitude!  This report is the first step that supports you to get to that same place. Enjoy!

After you order your report, make yourself at home and feel free to meander through the pages of my site. 

Blessings, cj