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At a time of monumental strife in our country, people are struggling with understandable – and sometimes unbearable – fear and stress. Are you one of them? Are these feelings manifesting as anger that has grown into resentment? If that’s you and you’re embarrassed, no need to be. I thoroughly understand, as that was me for thirty years as an adult, while I drank and drugged over the resentment I held from my childhood. So, I get it.

The question becomes: Would you like to do something about the difficulties this resentment has caused, or is causing, in your life? If you answered “Yes,” I invite you to scout around for a bit. Something on the site might speak to you.   

My experience is one of going from thirty years as an angry, bitter, blaming, victim, to the woman I am in current day, overflowing with gratitude and positivity. This is what I’d like to pay forward to you – the way to get from one place to the other that is one-hundred-and-eighty degrees its opposite. It’s really a magnificent place to live, and you can live in it, too!

I understand it’s difficult to listen to someone who is grateful and positive when you’re raw and hurting underneath the resentment that broils. At least, that was my experience. However…   

If you can access gratitude,

That will bring forgiveness.

The results are a life lived in deep

Peace, freedom, and positivity.


If you want to start living in

Gratitude and positivity,

At peace and free,

The Song of a Hero can guide you there.

That’s my complementary report which I’d like to pass along to you in exchange for your name and email address in the spaces at the top right corner.  

By reading this report, you discover:

  • How to identify whether you have a resentment or guilt/remorse,
  • Ways to explore your anger, resentment, or guilt/remorse, and
  • One tip to help you manage & begin to resolve them.


You can get the report by

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It is my hope you get a copy of The Song of a Hero. This report is the first step that supports you to get to that place of peace and freedom!


After you order your report, make yourself at home. Feel free to meander through the pages of this site. May you gain a sense of safety and comfort. 

Blessings, cj