Do you have a story running your life, keeping you stressed, robbing you of joy?

What is it costing you to have that story in your life, dictating your actions?

What if you could change that story, and it changed your life?


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You may be asking yourself, how do I know I have a story?

I invite you to read my free report to find out.

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Once you know you have a story and what it is, you can begin the process that will allow you to release resentment through forgiveness, and that leads to freedom. 

 The peace and happiness you get when you forgive and become free can help you personally and in your business!

When you take a person who has pursued my program into a work environment, suddenly you notice this person is happier with themselves. They are more tolerant of others, more pleasant, compassionate and empathetic toward their co-workers. There is an attitude of collaboration. 

For people who are having trouble approaching others and, yet, it is required that they do so during the course of their workday, doing the work I invite others to pursue leads to greater self-confidence and feelings of esteem. 

 It all has to do with willingness to take your story out of the basket where’s it’s been stored, and to look at it. 

What I do in the world is to help you find your story… and to mend it. 

I do this through two virtual programs I have created and developed. They are the Change Your Story, Change Your Life full program and the Change Your Story, Change Your Life Toe Tester program. Each of these programs is instrumental in transforming your mindset, and in allowing you to see your story from a different perspective, with fresh eyes. This leads to more peace and calm in your life, as well as more harmonious relationships with others and yourself.

The full program has the effect of allowing you to create more freedom and empowerment in your life, while the Toe Tester offers you the foundational practices upon which change can occur. To get specific information about these programs, please visit On that site, you will find all the particulars about both programs.

This site is all about getting more peace and happiness into your heart.

That is done by looking at whether you have a story adversely affecting your life.

That’s the starting point. Then comes the work I encourage and offer. 

Enjoy yourself as you scout around these pages.

Email or call me if you have questions. 

Feel at home… :))