Would you like to discover ways to experience peace, freedom, and joy? As you read through this site, you’ll see ways to receive support while you venture out to find these very feelings. If you are stressed from anger and/or resentment over a situation, you learn to tell a hero’s journey of triumph, the song of a hero, rather than relive your stress and distress over and over again. This is really empowering!

If you decide to find out more about the ways in which you can gain that blessed state of bliss, you’ll discover how to apply gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness to yourself, your story, and your life. By doing this, you heal and reap the joy and positivity, the exquisite peace and freedom, that are available to you.  

The question I have for you is: Would you like to do something about the difficulties this anger/resentment has caused, or is causing, in your life? If you answered “Yes,” I invite you to scout around for a bit. Something on the site could speak to you.   

You may ask what qualifies me to be your guide as you resolve resentments. It’s from personal experience. I spent thirty adult years as an angry, bitter, blaming, victim – all over my childhood, all over which I drank. After an excruciating and humiliating rejection, I sought sobriety, healed, and became the woman I am in current day, overflowing with gratitude and positivity. I had epiphanies about forgiveness and gratitude along the way that allowed me to drastically change my entire mindset.

What I learned is what I want to pay forward to you. I would love for you to learn how to get from that place of anger and resentment to the place of peace that is one-hundred-and-eighty degrees opposite of anger. It’s a rugged journey at times, and yet, always, always, adds to our healing. And, when you reach the place of serenity, you discover a magnificent place to live. The peace, joy, and freedom are remarkable. 

I understand it’s difficult, even excruciating, to listen to someone who is grateful and positive when you’re raw and hurting underneath the resentment that broils. At least, that was my experience. Therefore, I move slowly through the brush strokes you can use to paint a new perspective. After all, we are all works of art in progress, ever-evolving.    

Know that if you access gratitude, that will bring forgiveness and a life lived in deep peace, freedom, and positivity.

If you want to start living in gratitude and positivity, at peace and free, my report, The Song of A Hero can start guiding you to that place. I’d like to pass the report along to you in exchange for your name and email address in the spaces at the top right corner of the page. Thank you. 

By reading ‘The Song of A Hero,’ you discover:

  • How to identify whether you have a resentment, guilt, or remorse,
  • Ways to explore your anger, resentment, guilt, and remorse, and
  • One tip to help you manage and resolve them.

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It is my sincere hope you get a copy. This report is the first step that supports you to get to the place of peace and freedom!

After you order your report, make yourself at home. Feel free to meander through this site. May you gain a sense of safety, belonging, and comfort. 

Blessings, cj