My passion & expertise lie in guiding others to experience freedom from resentment using the art of  forgiveness.

  • I am especially drawn & guided to work with those in recovery, people recently released from incarceration or still incarcerated, as well as with corporations & associations.
  • If you are an individual, I offer this page and website to you as a start to or continuation of your journey.
  • If you are a corporation or association, allow this site to give you a look into my style & focus. Please call me to get details about my six-hour resentment/forgiveness workshop I provide for organizations. (I am constructing a page for that; I plan to launch by the end of November.)

Let me ask you this:

Promise of Peace

Are you at peace, living the life you desire?

Or, are you weighed down with grudges?

What if you could become free of resentment? 


You can! You can learn to drop the “rocks” in your “backpack” and gain freedom.


My work with people who resent includes private coaching, as well as group presentations of the innovative, six-hour program, Freedom from Resentment: The Art of Forgiveness.

I love witnessing the moment forgiveness frees a client or program attendee. 

When you let go of your resentment, you gain…

  • More confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of worth.
  • New-found vitality and lighter energy as you drop the rocks.

  • Improved relationships with others and yourself.

  • Relief of most stressors.

  • A promise of peace

 Gail, a woman who’d been in recovery for 25 years was terrified to deal with a resentment. After we worked together, she said, “You made what was difficult & scary, easy & doable.”


The key to finding freedom from your resentment…

  • Starts with identifying whether you have a story.
  • Then it lies in unlocking the gate and exploring the story.
  • If you have a resentment, a grudge, that’s your story. 


To identify if you have a story,

  • I created The Beginning: Change Your Story, Change Your Life
  • This report can assist you to determine if you have a story.

  • Then, you learn to identify it and apply one tip to manage it.


You can get the report by leaving your name at the top of the page on the right.

Maybe you currently resent someone or your resentment is from an earlier time in your life.

That is your story, as I noted above. 

Once you know what your story is, you can begin working toward changing it to create peace, freedom, and enrichment in your life.  
There is a promise of peace when you do this work. That is the name of the photo on the report cover… Promise of Peace.



Are you ready to reap the benefits that discovering your story can bring?


If you’re ready to explore it, that’s where “The Beginning” comes in.

  • Receiving the report starts the journey to freedom.
  • You can get the report by leaving your name and email in the box above on the right.  

Let’s say you’re tired of  your story, your stress, your resentment… it’s affecting you in a difficult way. 

If this is you, it is my desire to be available in ways that are supportive for/ to you.

On this website, I share ways in which you can gain support, if that resonates with you. 


It all begins by identifying if you have a story and clarifying what it is.

You can learn this when you read my report

Remember, there is a promise of peace… 


Sign up for your free copy above, on the right at the top. 


That’s the starting point. Explore my programs and other offerings that may be of use to you. 

Enjoy yourself as you scout around these pages.

Email or call me with your questions. 

Feel at home…