Is your life a 10?

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Or, are you stressed and frustrated?
Is it the divorce, past abuse, the job you lost, the neighbor?
Are you telling others about your stress, about your story?
What if you could change that story and it changed your life?


You may be asking, “How do I know if I have a story?”
First, if you have anger or resentment, that could be your story.
Second, when you read my report, you’ll learn signs that indicate one.
And, you’ll learn one thing to do to resolve it. 

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Maybe you are still carrying scars from a difficult childhood or marriage, things like low self-esteem, no confidence, worthlessness, humiliation, and shame. 
Once you know what your story is, you can begin working toward changing it to create peace, freedom, and enrichment in your life.  
There is a promise of peace when you do this work. That is the name of the photo on the report cover… Promise of Peace.



Are you ready to reap the benefits that discovering your story can bring?
If you’re ready to explore, that’s where The Beginning comes in.
Let’s say you’re tired of  your story, your stress… it’s affecting you in a difficult way. 
If this is you, it is my desire to be available in ways that are supportive for/ to you.
On this website, I share ways in which you can gain support, if that resonates with you. 
It all begins by identifying if you have a story and clarifying what it is.
You can learn this when you read my report
Remember, there is a promise of peace… 


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