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It takes courage to do healing work. And even with courage, it’s crucial to have support from another person while you’re doing the self-work; it can mean the difference between reaching peace, happiness, and empowerment or not. To serve you in your journey, I have developed two virtual programs that you can do at your leisure, in the privacy of your own home. They are described below. I also have private sessions available. Ask me more. Know that in my work with you, I hold your heart in my hands, tenderly, as I gently guide you in your journey.

Clients who have gone through my programs have overcome issues with depression, shame, worthlessness, addiction, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and self-doubt. 

If you would like to experience relief from these or similar difficulties, feel free to contact me to arrange private sessions. I have several special packages. (, 415-883-8325) Or, read on to find out more about my virtual programs. 

First, though, I invite you to scroll a bit and start at the beginning by reading my free report to see if you have a story affecting you in your life

Start at The Beginning

  • The Beginning: Change Your Story, Change Your Life is my free report
  • It allows you to identify if you have a story holding you back in any way
  • It gives examples of stories and signs that you might have one
  • The report ends by relaying a tip you can use right away to move beyond your story 
  • To get my free report, leave your name and email in the spaces to the right

Once you have completed the free report, you may be ready for my full program or the Toe Tester program. 

Change Your Story, Change Your Life Program:

  • Begins your freedom from resentment  
  • Allows you more harmonious relationships 
  • Brings you more peace, happiness, and joy
  • Leads to improved confidence and esteem 
  • Provides ability to grow from old wounds

The program consists of:

  • Six (6) pre-recorded phone calls
  • Six (6) Guide Books with writing exercises
  • Two (2) live support/coaching phone calls with me a month 

For more information, go to


Toe Tester Program: 

  • Allows you to dip a toe in the water to see how you like my style
  • Provides you with the foundation for change to occur
  • Allows you to see your situation from a different perspective
  • Explores willingness, surrender or letting go, gratitude, and acceptance

It consists of:

  • Two (2) pre-recorded phone calls
  • Two (2) Guide Books with writing exercises
  • One (1) live support/coaching phone call every month

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To your growth and healing, your peace and freedom, cj


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