Why I Do What I Do & What’s In It For You

When you think about your life and your main passion, what comes to mind? Is it something you do in your spare time, or do you make a living doing it? If you make a living doing it, do you feel as though you were called to do what you’re doing?

CJ - Oct event - CJ closeupI do. I feel called. I feel it is the Universe, God, Spirit, or whatever that force is that has designed my life, such that I suffered for years, and then healed. I did more than heal, actually. I learned to deeply appreciate things and experiences in my life, to find the lesson, positive, and gratitude about it all. And, I discovered forgiveness.  

I do what I do because when I have a client tell me that their life changed because of forgiveness, because of the process I led them through, it touches my soul. I know that another Being has been set free. My heart soars!

I feel Spirit wants me to share with others how I healed and found freedom, so that they, too, may heal and be set free.

I do what I do today because of that place I discovered that exists when we heal from emotional wounds. That “place” is peace that is all-consuming. It is freedom from the anger and bitterness… freedom from the weight of carrying all the stress or unhappiness or resentment. I want to share this place with you and others.

As you read, you’ll note images of wrought iron gates. I added them to enrich this page. The one below on the right is Promise of Peace. This and the others are from my book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. When you engage in and experience the healing process, there is a promise of peace. 

Promise of Peace

Maybe you don’t feel unhappy or stressed, yet, there may be a story lurking that is actually affecting you in some way of which you are unaware. I worked with a client who didn’t know she had a story until she heard me speak and tell my forgiveness story. At that point, she realized she did  have a story. She believed her father never loved her, and she resented him for that. She eventually forgave him with the support of one of my programs.

You, too, may discover you have a story deep down that is waiting to be acknowledged and healed… resolved. It takes courage to start the journey, yet, once you begin, Spirit helps you out. 

My mentoring and leadership got its start during the 26 years I was a registered nurse; I guided hundreds of people in physical and emotional matters. During that time, while employed by one state’s Medicaid Department as a Nurse Resource Consultant, I proved my ability to create programs. I created, developed, and managed a program for medically fragile children who were dependent upon sophisticated and high-tech equipment for their lives. They were living in the hospital intensive care units so they could have nursing care 24/7.

The program I designed allowed them to go home with the assistance of hourly nursing care that Medicaid reimbursed. It supplemented care provided by the parents. We saw medical, emotional, and developmental miracles happen with these children. I led them to change their story and it drastically changed their lives.                          

I bring to my practice today the same skill and expertise I used to develop the children’s program. I lead people out of their emotional prison so they can find the courage to set themselves free. I guide them to build their spaces of courage…

Perhaps at this point, you are interested in my background, so please allow me to share a bit about it and what it is that leads me to what I’m doing in present day. I started adulthood as an angry and fearful person, filled with feelings of worthlessness, huge self-doubt, and a self-esteem that was in the toilet. I discovered in senior year of college that alcohol numbed my feelings and soon added drugs to the mix. For the next thirty years, these fueled my anger and bitterness. I blamed everything and everyone for my problems, and certainly all my failures. I was a perfect victim. This went on for thirty years! I had no understanding that I could change my situation simply by looking at things from a different perspective. 

Finally, I hit rock-bottom with my drinking and drugging. It was because of an unrequited love. I was in great fear… terrified, because I’d left my marriage for this other man, and now I was alone. After two months of nothing but drinking and crying, I was guided to sobriety… after I prayed… desperate for help. After I was sober for four years, I discovered a way to forgive my past, and that is when the rocks fell out of my backpack; the weight rolled off my back. The peace and freedom were immediate. The joy I experienced continues at deeper and deeper levels as time passes.

Invitation of Dialogue

Invitation of Dialogue

So here I was, a woman who couldn’t see that she had a choice, couldn’t see that she played a part in what was happening to her, couldn’t see she had a story – many of them. As I began to heal more and more, and to use Spirit as my confidant and guide, I began to see how my actions and behaviors led to certain experiences and situations… consequences.

As I explored my behaviors and actions in retrospect, I began to gain a feeling of freedom and empowerment because I could see another way to be in the world. To this day, doing a self-appraisal, having a dialogue with myself about how I acted or behaved, leads to more healing and feelings of being empowered. I invite you to dialogue with yourself to discover the person you are.

Speaking and coaching are the two methods I now use to spread my forgiveness work, and it’s changing lives. Recently, I presented my program, Freedom from Resentment: The Art of Forgiveness, at San Quentin State Prison as part of the California Re-entry Institute, a two-year program that prepares the incarcerated for parole. It was so well received, and my spirit soared when a few of the guys relayed they’d been able to forgive people they never thought they could, all because of my program. It was a very rich experience. 

The website you have before you is an out-pouring of my heart in regard to my services, such as my speaking and coaching, and my products, such as my book. I welcome you here and wish for you a peaceful and enjoyable visit. I also wish for you a recognition and healing of any story you may have, so you may heal from it. To your peace and freedom, cj

Freedom From Resentment

This is freedom from resentment!


Images taken from the book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing include:
Tiers of Forgiveness, Promise of Peace, Spaces of Courage, Webs of Fear, and Invitation of Dialogue
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