We Will Know Peace

Promise of Peace

Ah, we have finally made it to what we have been searching for. We have made it to peace.

“When I practice the principles of love for myself and others, the gates of  my heart melt into the glow of dusk and peace rises to greet me.”

As the verse says, all we have to do is practice the principles of love for ourselves and for others. If we are kind, tolerant, gentle, compassionate, and  respectful toward all beings, including ourselves, peace will flow in.

There is a stilling of the mind and heart when we reach peace. It’s like the calm of a lake as we look out across the waters.

In order to get to peace, we have had to remain sober. We have had to work at our sobriety, learning and practicing the principles of love.

Forgiveness plays a huge role in achieving peace, for when we forgive, we free ourselves… our mind and our heart. We feel washed clean.

Do you feel more peace in your life? Like the pink glow in the sky, has peace gradually descended upon you, catching you unaware? If so, revel in this feeling. Know that it is a place to which you can return when you practice the principles of love.

Today, enjoy the feeling deep in your heart. Enjoy that quietness and stillness of spirit. My hope for you is that you know peace.



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