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The Fresh Inspiration Show Tour – April 26, 2020. (Details coming. Check back.)


The Fresh Inspiration Show Tour – March 29, 2020

This show has ended. Find it in the Facebook group, The Fresh Inspiration Show



My Instructing at College of Marin

I was to be instructing a course, Freedom from Resentment: The Art of Forgiveness, at the College of Marin, Indian Valley Campus, in Novato, California from April 3rd to May 15th, 2020.

As the College of Marin has shut down because of the coronavirus, I am awaiting word about how classes will be continued in the future. Please check back frequently so you don’t miss it when it becomes available.  

In the meantime, here is a course description: This course guides you through the process, the art, of forgiveness, allowing you to drop the rocks of resentment from the backpack you carry. As a result, you experience a physical lightening, as well as a lightening of spirit and increase in energy. The course is designed for you whose resentment is negatively affecting your life, you with unfinished business you want to resolve, and for you who feel guilt and remorse. Through compassionate and caring support from the instructor who has traveled this road herself, students discover a technique, an art form, to get beyond anger and resentment to the softer, less stressful, place of peace.