Spaces of Courage – Some Inspirational Sayings


“The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage.” Thucydides

“A person of courage is also full of faith.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Compassion allows you to build courage and courage allows you to be more compassionate.” Gary Loper

“Courage is fear that has done its push-ups.” author unknown

“Always do what you are afraid to do” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I related to these quotes and wanted to share them with you…

Welcome to the journey through my book. Each blog is a new topic, based on the pages which appear in the book. Today’s topic is courage.

I discovered this image in Colorado in 2005, on the back roads from Pueblo, Colorado to Taos, New Mexico.  I liked the symbolization of a higher power, a Divine force, if you will, that is depicted in this scene. And I especially liked it because it fit with the prose, which, amazingly enough, came to my mind when I stumbled across this gate.

I wrote the prose in 2003 while traveling in my van with my cat in Baja, Mexico. This was before I started taking photographs of the gates. I was newly sober, trying to deal emotionally with the rejection of the man I spoke of early on in our journey through the book. The verse for this image, which I wrote while in great emotional agony, talks about the pain in our heart which we try to get another to fix, or we drink it  away, we  repress it. The verse goes on to say that if we could find the courage to embrace that pain, find a Divine source to enter that oh-so-vulnerable-spot with us, perhaps we would be comforted and we would be healed.  That is the essence of the prose that matches this image.

I have found, over time,  that when I am lacking courage, frightened, afraid to do or say something, I apply this principle, and it helps. I try to pause, identify and acknowledge my fear, my resistance.  Then I ask God to join me in that space of fear. I am often graced with the courage to go ahead and do something, say something, despite the fear that continues.

I have intentionally placed myself in experiences in order to gain courage and get past my fear.  A prime example is traveling alone in Mexico. I was extremely frightened and, yet, did my research to plan safe travel and then went even though in fear. The fear abated the more time I spent in that beautiful country, interacting with such gracious people. The experience boosted my self-confidence and esteem. And that even occurred before my realization to bring God in.

How do you find your courage?  Does it come easily, or is it difficult?