Will You Play Small or Step Into Your Greatness?

Good morning! I wish for each of you a day filled with great joy, as you step into your greatness. It is that which I would like to address… how to step into your greatness, for you may be holding back who you are.

Yesterday, I was on a sales call, and the leader, Eric, said that when we step into our greatness, we are helping and impacting those people around us that need our help. Conversely, when we do not step into our greatness, we are being harmful to those that we could be helping.

Then he had us email him what our biggest take-away was from the call. I emailed and said that I didn’t realize that by playing small, I was harming others, and that I don’t want to harm others. He read that email aloud, and made comments about it, pointing out that when we play small, we are keeping those who need to hear our message from that message, and, thus, are harming them.

Wow. I never thought of it like that. You see, I was introduced to the concept of playing small a few months ago at a workshop. At that time, I recognized that I was allowing my fear of standing out in the world to hold me back. I thought I got past that… until Eric said yesterday what he said.

I seem to come up with all sorts of busy-work to keep me from contacting the big players in my field of forgiveness, from reaching out to connect. So, this morning, I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and I emailed Fred Luskin, who is the PhD at Stanford University who has been working on the Stanford Forgiveness Project. He is considered an expert on forgiveness.

And I emailed him, telling him that I am “just up the street from him,” (no, I didn’t put it like that…) and that I, too, am dealing with forgiveness in my practice of speaking and coaching. I asked that he call me because I wanted to talk to him about his path of forgiveness, my path of forgiveness, and how our paths meet.

Talk about a wow! Now THAT was stepping into my greatness! I have taken the action and I will wait patiently to see the result of that action.

Where in your life do you play small, keep hidden for fear of being knocked down? Think about it, and write about it. I invite you to journal, print, with your non-domindant hand, as all sorts of thoughts will flow to you when you do that.

Write about your dream and how you are not fulfilling it because of your fears. That’s playing small. Not speaking up for yourself is playing small. Not approaching someone because you feel you are “less than” is playing small. Write about all the ways in which you play small in your life.

Think about how you can step into your greatness by reaching out, by speaking up, by fulfilling your dream. Then write about it, and finally, take action! Step into your greatness!