Warmth of Humility

Humility – the act of being humble, of being modest and unpretentious, the lack of pride or self-assertion. It is not having to always be right, and, as I learned in sobriety, it is being right-sized. It is not, as I once thought, being humiliated.

What does it feel like to have humility? For me, it is a quietness within myself, as I sit back and watch the ways in which my humanness presents itself. It feels as though I am open to hear what others have to say and suggest. When I am being humble, I am teachable. It is a calm and secure place to be.

Perhaps, when we are feeling insecure and uncertain about ourselves, it is difficult to have humility. In that case, we often feel the need to tout ourselves, to brag about our strengths, almost as if we are trying to convince ourselves and others that we are okay. But we are okay anyway, simply because we are, simply because we exist.

If we relax and have this knowingness about ourselves, giving up the need to always be right, to brag about ourselves, it is a gentler place in which to live. We can take in and learn from others, and expand our horizons, improve ourselves. We become easier to live with, to be around. Practicing humility brings us peace.

What does humility look like for you?


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