Seven Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Sobriety Today

Good morning to each of you! I hope for you a wonderful day, a wonderful week! : ) I liked the search term “things I can do to strengthen my sobriety,” so that is what I chose to address this morning. This applies to you even if you are not a sober person, i.e., even if you do not have a drinking problem.

The following are some suggestions of things you can do to strengthen your sobriety:

1. Write, print, every day in a journal with your non-dominant hand, even if for only 15 minutes every morning. If you are right-handed, print with your left. You will find that all sorts of deep emotions will flow forth onto the page. This is especially useful if you are “stuck,” having difficulty with your emotions and moving forward because of them.

2. Take a brisk walk a few times a day, even for 5 minutes. This gets your blood flowing, which gets more oxygen to your brain. It also helps the flow of endorphins to your brain, which is the feel-good chemical.

3. Get in the habit of doing an on-going self-appraisal, also known as a self-assessment, of your thoughts, words, and actions. This will keep you on track internally, in your thought-life, as well as keep a watch over how you treat others. If you are not acting in kind, tolerant respectful, and loving ways to others and yourself, you can change that behavior throughout the day.

4. Be gentle with yourself. All the harshness and having unrealistic expectations of yourself will not move you forward in life, will not help your sobriety. Instead, when you are not gentle, when you have unrealistic expectations of yourself, you set yourself up to fail, to be in angst.

5. Begin to see others that are irritating to you as wounded people, struggling inside of themselves. Perhaps they endured abuse when they were growing up, or later in a marriage, and they have not yet worked through those feelings. Perhaps they never WILL work through those feelings, and you can see them as a wounded person. You can have compassion for them.

6. Forgive those who have wronged you. Take #5 above and apply it to those who have wronged you. Understand that by forgiving, you will set yourself free, and you will find peace from that forgiveness. Know that forgiveness does not mean you condone what was done – it just means you forgive them their transgression. Know that it is you who you are taking off the hook, so you don’t continue to live with poison in your psyche, in your heart.

7. Learn to forgive yourself for all the wrongs you have committed against yourself and to others. See yourself as wounded yourself, and cut yourself some slack. This does not mean that you are off-the-hook and not responsible for your actions and behaviors; you are. But you can see yourself as a fallible human being, and can learn from your mistakes. From that introspection, you can grow. Use your mistakes as learning experiences.

These seven things are things you can do right now, so start in on them. If you do, you will find your thought-life and external life will be more calm and peaceful, more fulfilling and richer.

What one thing are you going to do today to strengthen your sobriety? Leave a comment and share with us what that one thing is. We’d love to share in your growth. 🙂


How to Live a Life of Serenity

Balance of Serenity

“I am serene, carried by the winds to places where I am held in balance with great beauty and strength.” These are the words in my book that are paired with this photograph. They so beautifully describe today’s topic – serenity.

Webster defines serenity as the state of being serene, which is defined as not disturbed or troubled, calm, peaceful, tranquil. These are all descriptions which aptly describe the feeling when you experience serenity.

Have you experienced it? It is a feeling that envelopes you with all good things. When serene, you can float through life’s challenges, accepting of what occurs as you go through your day.

It is a place that I, as a person in sobriety, wish to be because I don’t get agitated and want to drink to dissolve that agitation. It is a place that I, as a compassionate being, wish for others to experience because it is such a luscious feeling.

When experiencing serenity, you are more accepting of what is occurring in your life, and you’re able to think more clear-headedly. This is such a valuable benefit of being serene. 

How do you get to serenity? Well, you make the decision to be accepting of things that are occurring in your life. You feel your emotions, not numbing them or keeping them at bay, but experiencing them and then going forward with acceptance. You find the courage to take action when necessary to keep yourself safe. 

Serenity happens when you follow this simple serenity prayer… “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”