Stand in Your Own Morals, Truth, and Integrity

Pillar of Strength

When you stand in your own morals, truth, and integrity, you will have the strength of a pillar. This is in opposition to taking on everyone else’s morals, truth, and integrity.

I did that in order to keep peace in my marriage… became my husband’s beliefs and actions. Meanwhile, my soul died a little at a time until I, as a person, was no longer visible.

Good morning. I am back and I regret not posting a note saying I’d be gone at a workshop for a few days, and would return the following (this) week.  The thing is, I took my computer, fully planning on blogging every morning. But I found myself too exhausted to do so.

Please pardon my silent voice for these past several days… Thank you to those of you who continued to visit in my absence…

I am back and talking today about how you can reach your dream and find peace by following your own heart, your own morals, truth, and integrity.

It is so important that you be you in life. You have a special light to offer the world in whatever is “your way,” and the way to that end is achieved by bringing who you are into the light.

This includes looking at your morals, the things you tell yourself about right and wrong and then your actions in carrying them out in your life.

Looking at your truth(s) takes some investigation and discovery. It is whatever resonates with your heart when you hear a statement made  about your core belief(s). I don’t know how else to describe the experience other than that bells and whistles go off in your head, and your heart swells with emotion.  Whatever it is that leads to that feeling is your truth.

Your integrity is the quality or state of being of sound moral principle. It is how you show up to others, maintaining your truth when you are around others or even just yourself.

When you stand in your morals, truth, and integrity, you are taking a stand for yourself. The forces of the Universe line up when this occurs and it sends you assistance with your endeavors. It sends you strength to move past your fear.

Try to let go of pleasing others. Look at where that desire comes from, what the old message is, and attempt to conquer that thought, feeling, and belief by offering yourself compassion for the wounded person that you were and still are.

It is frightening to step out and be yourself at first, and the good news is that it gets easier as you do it more. The rewards you will reap are tremendous, including an improved self-esteem, confidence, and love. When you can stand in your own morals, truth, and integrity, you are furthered on your journey to peace.



Finding Emotional Strength – Part 2

Yesterday we talked about finding the morals, truths, and integrities that resonate with your heart. Doing this will help you find emotional strength. I suggested you write them down in a list. Interestingly, I have never done this, so I decided to do so. Today I want to share what I found when I listed these things out.

First, I went to the dictionary and looked up each of the words morals, truth, and integrity. Here’s what I found.

Moral is right or wrong in conduct, the principles of right or wrong. Here are the morals I discovered which fit for me:

  1. respect and tolerance of others and self
  2. kindness and compassion shown to all
  3. approach all with love
  4. be true to myself above all
  5. promote peace

Truth is the quality of the state of being true, it is honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, and genuineness, and it is the facts of realness. My truths that I discovered are:

  1. My mission is to be of service.
  2. I strive to be kind to all.
  3. On a daily basis, I am a better and stronger person.
  4. I am a strongly moral person.
  5. I am intelligent, clever, and creative.
  6. I am a deep thinker and feeler.

Integrity is defined as the ways in which I am of sound moral principle, up-right, honest, and sincere. I came up with a few ways in which I show integrity. These are:

  1. I do not knowingly hurt others or myself.
  2. I am honest in my dealings with others about who I am.
  3. I am transparent about my struggles and my triumphs.
  4. I build others up rather than tear them down.

These are the things which resonate with my heart, which advance my sobriety, and which bring me peace. They provide me with emotional strength. I am curious what you came up with and invite you to share by leaving a comment.


Developing Awareness of the Character Traits of Others and Ourselves

“Do we notice the character of another? Do we recognize the traits and qualities of another, grown over time on the wall of one’s being?

“Do we notice our own character, evolved, over time, on our own beautiful wall? Do we groom the moss and mold, encouraging new growth to flourish?” 

Or, are we not noticing the beauty of the character of another? When we notice, really notice, another’s character, we see the beauty that they have spent a lifetime gathering and growing.

We can acknowledge their growth, and celebrate it, just as we can acknowledge and celebrate our own growth of character. It has grown, over time, and it is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

If we take the time and make the effort to see the growth of character of our or another’s wall of our being, we will see the great strength that we each have cultivated. It is manifested as our code of ethics, our morals, truth, and integrity.

If we notice these things in another, we may choose to emulate them, which will, in turn, grow our own wall of character. We want to be forever learning, forever growing; this is the message of life. 

Take the time to notice another’s wall of their being today. What do you see? What can you learn from it to use on your own wall of character? Now notice your own being, the lessons and beliefs that create your character. Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it feel peaceful just to be still and notice?



Resonating with Our Own Morals, Truth, and Integrity

As we move further in our journey to sobriety and peace, the next topic discusses our morals, truth, and integrity.

Pillar of Strength

Pillar of Strength

“Perhaps, rather than thinking I must make my morals, truth, and integrity match another’s, I can determine what resonates with my own heart. When it does, I have the strength of a pillar.”

In life, we often are swayed by another’s beliefs, especially if that person is domineering and we are retiring in response to that domination. Or, we adopt another’s morals, truth and integrity to fit in, to be liked.

That deviation from our own beliefs affects our soul, I believe, and when we exude our own morals, truth, and integrity, we have an inner strength, as strong as the pillar pictured above.

To determine if we are adopting another’s beliefs, we can ask ourselves the following questions:

  • are we being what others want us to be?
  • are we compromising who we are by doing that?
  • can we feel how that is affecting our spirit?

Sometimes it is very difficult to develop and live out our own truths. I experienced that in my marriage because my husband was very insistent I buy into his morals. truths, and integrity. I did, because otherwise, an argument ensued. So, I did it to keep peace.

Finally, I was pulled from that relationship due to a love I had developed for another man. What a blessing that was, I can say in retrospect. At the time, however, I was devastated. That’s a whole other story…

We need to assess our safety when we speak out in belief of our truths. Are we in a safe environment, a safe relationship? Are we likely to get hit if we speak out on our behalf? If so, speaking up is not wise, so we then ask ourselves, can we get out of this relationship? To stay in such a union degrades our spirit and our soul, little-by-little, day-after-day. Is that what we want?

Being moral is what is good and right in our conduct; it is making the distinction between right and wrong. Integrity is the state of being of sound moral principle, being upright, honest, and sincere. It is the quality of being whole and sound.

When we find ourselves speaking our truths, we will feel our words resonating with our heart and this is how we will know we are practicing our own morals, truth, and integrity. That is when we will be our strongest, our most whole. We can take that strength into our daily lives.

Do you practice your own morals, truth, and integrity? Is it safe for you to do so? If not, can you leave the relationship? If it is safe, can you gain the courage to speak out with your beliefs, to act upon your own morals, truth, and integrity? For today, try speaking up with your own beliefs. See how freeing that feels.





Being Yourself and Standing Strong in Who You Are

“Perhaps, rather than thinking I must make my morals, truth, and integrity match another’s, I can determine what resonates with my own heart. When it does, I have the strength of a pillar.”

Being Yourself and Standing Strong

Pillar of Strength

This is the verse that accompanies today’s image and topic, being an individual, being yourself and standing strong in who you are. First, however, you need to determine who you really are at your core.

This can be a challenging task, especially if you live in an environment where who you are is not valued and, in fact, is criticized or demeaned.

I lived in such an environment in my marriage, after leaving a home where I was criticized and demeaned during childhood, so for me, it was a lifetime. I learned to be whatever and whomever the other person wanted me to be. I was very good at it.

Therefore, it was very difficult, after I left my 20 year marriage, to determine what my own values and truths were. I was only able to figure this out by staying sober and sticking through the often excruciating emotional times, until I came out on the other side. So have faith; you will come out on the other side

I recommend journalling to ferret out your strengths, your morals, your truths. That worked well for me, anyway. It allows you to write anything you think or feel without the fear of having it criticized or demeaned, thus devaluing you.

This is a time when you want to be totally honest about what you see. If you are confused about your morals, your truths, set the intention to discover them, and go about your day with them in your mind and heart. When you have an idea, jot it down in your journal. Expand upon it later.

Once you discover your truths and integrity, try to gently express yourself to those around you, sticking up for yourself and your opinions. I recognize that this can lead to arguments with a spouse.

I also recognize that sometimes it is not safe to do this, and in that situation, perhaps it is best to keep your thoughts in your journals, but know in your heart what they are. Then, when you have gotten out of the dangerous situation, you can express yourself to others. Do the best you can in a given situation, and keep yourself safe.

Be fair to yourself when you are doing a self-appraisal. This is where honesty, willingness, and openness come in to play. Be willing to look at yourself with an open mind and heart, thus discovering what your strengths, morals, and truths are. Be honest by not downplaying who you are. It is not bragging or arrogant to honestly admit to your strengths. Rather, here is an opportunity to practice humility.

Do you know your strengths and morals, your truths and integrity? Do you project them into the world? Do you feel the inner strength that produces when you do so? Does it help you find peace? I truly hope it does. I hope for you to resonate with your truths, morals, and integrities so that you are being yourself and standing strong in who you are..



What Are Your Morals, Truth, and Integrity?

“Perhaps, rather than thinking I must make my morals, truth, and integrity match another’s, I can determine what resonates with my own heart. When it does, I have the strength of a pillar.”

What resonates with your heart, your soul? Do you have difficulty standing up for your morals, truths, and integrity?  If you are able to stand up for those things in yourself, I applaud you. Sometimes, it is not easy.

Sometimes, when we’re so unsure of ourselves, or have been so beaten down, we take on another’s truths and morals. For me, I did that because I was afraid to speak my own truths. Heck, for many years, I did not even know my own truths. It took me many years into sobriety to begin to know them.

We can know deep within what our truths are. Then, speaking up can be gentle and quiet, with knowingness on our part. We don’t have to flaunt them; we can just know that we stand strong within ourselves.

How do we learn what our truths and morals are? Sitting down with paper and pen is effective as one approach. Write down everything about yourself, all the things that you believe about yourself to be true. Be honest and don’t be afraid to give due recognition to those lovely and delightful things you do. With your list, review your points until you begin to recognize them in yourself, until they become second nature to you. You will identify those things that resonate in your heart. When you do this, you will be that much closer to peace within.

What are your morals, truth, and integrity? Do you know what they are?


Inner Strength and Spirituality

Pillar of Strength

pillar of strength“Perhaps, rather than thinking I must make my morals, truth and integrity match another’s, I can determine what resonates with my own heart. When it does, I have the strength of a pillar.”

This is the verse from the book for this image. As I write it, I am struck with the part about making my morals and truth match another’s. I have struggled with this throughout my lifetime.

I learned it was necessary to determine what someone wanted of me, who they wanted me to be, and then to be that person, to give them what they wanted. Consequently, I became something other than myself in many ways. I became a people pleaser and would do so, even at cost to myself. Especially at cost to myself.

This thought process has died a slow death. Only in the past couple of years, have I  begun to figure out exactly who I am, what I believe in, what my truth is. It has happened as my spirituality has grown. I noticed one day recently that I am being a person with my own truth, integrity  and morals. It is wonderful to have realized that… very freeing. How did it happen? How does it continue to happen?

I don’t know for sure. I do know it has happened because I maintained my sobriety. All I seem to do is to show up for my life every day, doing the next thing that is in front of me to do, taking action when indicated. I have been blessed with courage to walk through my fear, especially to be who I am. I have found it helped, and helps, to ask for help from a power greater than myself, whatever that is called.

It has been a process that has occurred over time. It has happened as my awareness has deepened as I become more able to “hear” my heart. It has been a journey through the gates about which I am blogging.  What has resonated with your heart? I welcome your comments.

I would like to address the people who found my site yesterday by googling about worthlessness. If you have come back, I would like to offer these words. Take heart, continue on your journey with all the courage you can muster. It is possible to move past feelings of worthlessness, at least, that has been my experience. Go step-by-step, day-by-day. Know that what you have learned about who you are is not your truth, does not serve your higher good. I wish you well in your search and I am hopeful the gates will be of use as you continue your process of healing.