Celebrate Gratitude for Who You Are

Hello and good morning to each of you! I am filled with gratitude for the day and wish to share that with you. And I am going to take it one step further and ask you to celebrate yourself for who you are!

If you have finished the positive list for your self-appraisal, then you will want to celebrate with gratitude what you have discovered. Be loud and proud to yourself about who you are in all your greatness, all your glory, all your light. Cultivate deep knowingness about who you are, what you have to offer the world, for you have much to give.

Offer gratitude for all your experiences, both positive and negative, that have shaped who you are today, for without ALL your experiences, you wouldn’t be “you” today. Be grateful for your life and all it has taught you, for all you have learned.

Write with your non-dominant hand – printing is easier – all the feelings that arise as you read this post and contemplate your beingness, and especially those of gratitude. Be humble and ecstatic about what and who you are, what and who you find.

Have you started your week’s long listing of all the positive things you thought, said, and did during the past week? Don’t forget to do that. Be in deep gratitude for all of those positive things. Celebrate them, celebrate you!

I hope your feelings of gratitude for who and what you are carry you forth through this day and all the days to come! It all starts from your list of positive traits and characteristics. So have at it… celebrate gratitude! Celebrate you! Have a splendid day!



How Are You Doing on Your Self-Appraisal?

Good morning everyone! : ) I wish for you each a fabulous Friday, filled with much light and joy!

Since yesterday’s post was so long, I want to keep today’s much shorter. If you made it all the way through yesterday’s, bravo and thank you for sticking through it to the end.

I am curious how it all sat with you, how you took it. Many people are scared to death to do a self-appraisal and procrastinate doing it out of fear. They believe that what they will find is a hollow and empty self, or an inherently bad person. These could not be farther from the truth, though.

When I first did a self-appraisal, I was newly sober and was anxious, to say the least. I was sure I would find this bad person. After all, that’s what I’d been told all my life, right? That I was worthless, would never amount to anything, that I was fat, stupid, and ugly. These were horrible messages to hear and they scarred me badly.

So it was with much trepidation that I looked at myself. At first, and for many months, all I could see was my negative. I had no idea what-so-ever how to be loud and proud about who I was. After all, there was nothing to be proud about. Nonetheless, I set about doing my self-appraisal.

And I mean to tell you, the effect was astounding. At first, I felt deeply ashamed, but later, after talking to someone about what I had discovered, I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. Over the years, I have repeated the process, repeated my self-appraisal, and today I can list out my positive qualities without shame or hesitation. I have become a whole person, I think, and the self-appraisal was a huge part of why that occurred.

My whole point in saying all of this is to offer you hope if you are hesitating in doing this exercise. Know that you will be heartened and filled up, not disheartened and beaten down. I recommend doing the positives first for a very specific reason – to counteract all the negatives you may have been told while growing up. If you have no such negatives, I am so happy for you, for you are truly blessed. Then listing your positives will flow easily onto the page.

One thing you could try, which I forgot to mention, is printing the list with your non-domiinant hand. That will cause you to tap into the “other” side of your brain, and all sorts of deep things will flow out without restriction.

So, my heart is with you each as you embark upon your self-appraisal. May it be an enlightening and happy experience for you.



How to Complete a Self-Appraisal

Good morning on this fine and clear day! May you have clarity and goodness in your day today!

Yesterday, I received an email from a dear friend who reads my blog, questioning things which I plan to address in today’s blog. For example, they asked about what to list out. I hope I have addressed that fully in this post. Then, the question was raised, what is honesty? I will further discuss that also.

So, how do you do a self-appraisal?

First, you gather willingness… willingness to look at yourself honestly. When I say honestly, I mean looking at your positive points first and giving yourself full credit for all your positive traits, all the positive ways in which you treat others and yourself. We often shy away from being honest about who we are, having been told that is conceited to do so. But we need to objectively assess who we are in our totality. We do this not to brag about ourselves, rather, to humbly look at who we are in our totality.

On the negative side, being honest means being willing to admit you screwed up when you did, that you treated others or yourself poorly. It is embarrassing to admit these things about ourselves, and that is part of being willing to be honest…

For example, I find myself sometimes acting in a very selfish manner, thinking of myself when I could be considering the other. In those situations, I seem to do things for others because there is something in it for me, before I give with no thought of what I’ll get out of it – giving without expecting or wanting in return.  That’s somewhat embarrassing to say, yet, it is honest.

What I do with that information, that realization, is to be aware in the future of when I start to do something for another. I can assess my motives and change them, as indicated, come at it from a different angle.

It is important to add gentleness and compassion when you look at your negative side, the side that needs improvement, or else you would beat yourself up unmercifully. Having said these things, let’s start with how to do the appraisal…

After becoming willing to get honest, list out your positive qualities and traits on a piece of paper. List them all out. Get generous with yourself. No one else is going to see this, so brag about yourself to yourself only. Be loud and proud on paper. Then sit with, “be” with, this list of traits. Let it sink in that this is you that you have listed out in all your goodness and glory. Get comfortable with feeling the light from seeing your good qualities and traits. You are trying to counteract any negative things you have been told throughout your life.

Now, take the past week and list out every good deed, kindness, and generous thing you did during the week. List it all out. If you had a kind thought about someone, list that out, too. Then allow this to sink in for a few days. Bask in your goodness. Know that at your core, you are light.

Next, turn your attention to your negative side, the side that needs improvement. We all have one, you know. List all the negative things about yourself that you do not like. Include the negative things you tell yourself. Consider the past week and list out all the mean, nasty, and unkind things you did or thought during that time. Don’t hold back, yet do not beat yourself up. Do it honestly, from an objective viewpoint.

Consider each point and look at each with compassion for yourself, a wounded person so much so that it led you to act in a negative manner. Now, right all wrongs. This may mean apologizing to some people. If this is the case, get humble yet not subservient. Drop the hostility, the defiance. Apologize with your heart and soul. Sometimes, apology is not advised; this is when it would hurt the other person more, cause them damage in some way.

When you have completed your self-appraisal, you will feel a cleanness about yourself. You will be right with the world and yourself. Resolve to keep an active and current eye on your behaviors, celebrating yourself for your wins and correcting the negative as you move through each day.

I hope this clarifies your questions, dear friend. Thank you again for raising them. : ) And I hope for all of you that by doing a self-appraisal, you find more freedom and peace. Leave a comment if you found this to be useful for you.