Living in Harmony

As we move through my book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, we continue to look at ways in which we can interact with ourselves and our world. We can look at living in harmony. Remember, our goals are sobriety and peace.

Shades of Harmony

Shades of Harmony

“When do we take the time to just listen to the breeze, the quietness, the ramblings of our mind or the world around us?

“When are we just still?

“When do we simply rest, quietly connecting with ourselves and all that is vast and wondrous around and within us?

“Could this explain our inability to touch ourselves and others in quiet, kind, and harmonious ways?”

We seem to always be racing around, not taking the time to quietly reflect upon ourselves – who we are, our beliefs, our dreams. Instead, we are cleaning or shopping or listening to TV or playing on the computer. I am guilty of the latter…

In doing that, we often are not living in harmony with ourselves and others. What would happen if we just ceased our constant motion and thought about who we are, what we want to be like in the world, how we want to relate to others and ourselves?

Do we not do it because we are frightened with what we will find if we do not fill our moments with activity? Perhaps, we will discover more about ourselves and our world that delights us, gives us strength and peace. Perhaps we will discover we are living in harmony.

As you go through your day, notice the opportunities to be still with yourself, simply reflecting on who you are at your core, what your dreams and aspirations are. Let those thoughts play in your mind, in your heart. See yourself living in harmony with yourself and others in your world.  



Living in Harmony with Ourselves Can Promote Peace

The next topic in the book Opening the Gates of the Heart : A Journey of Healing is living in harmony within ourselves. It raises the issue of stillness, connecting to the ramblings of our mind and to the world around us.

“When are we just still? When do we simply rest, quietly connecting with ourselves and all that is vast and wondrous around and within us?”

In order for us to touch ourselves and others in quiet, kind, and harmonious ways, do we not need to be still with ourselves from time-to-time?

Yet, there does not seem to be time when we are just quiet and still. Life is whizzing by at breakneck speed and we are running right along side of it, sometimes frantic just to keep up. 


We have our radios and TVs turned on, always and forever making noise around us. How can we think and quiet our mind when there is so much noise? How do you think with all the distraction around you?

Without the distraction, we end up facing ourselves and perhaps that is a difficult place to go or to be for some. We might see our unhappiness, our pain. On the other hand, we can see our delight, our happiness.

Once we tap into our quietness, our inner harmony, then we can take that space we have created and project it into the world. We can take our inner harmony and shine it on the people in our world.

The end result is more peace – peace within and peace without. And isn’t that a most pleasent place to be?

So, give yourself a treat today. Spend just 5 minutes to start living in harmony with yourself, being in a quiet surrounding, tapping into all that you are and can be.

Give it a try, and when you get used to that 5 minutes of quiet, and feel more inner harmony arise, share that feeling with the world around you. Then, try tomorrow for 10 minutes, and so forth, until you have a block of time in which you are at one with yourself, quiet…

What do you feel? Do you feel more harmony, more peace within? Once you identify this feeling, don’t forget to share it with the world.





Introspect Can Lead Us To Harmony With Ourselves and Others

“When do we take the time to just listen to the breeze, the quietness, the ramblings of our mind, or the world around us? When do we simply rest, quietly connecting with ourselves and all that is vast and wondrous around and within us?”

Perhaps, we don’t take this time. Yet, it is so important to participate in introspect and self-reflection. We are always bustling, moving quickly from one activity to the next, watching TV or listening to music, never taking the time to sit quietly with ourselves.

This is such an important activity in which to engage, as it allows us to become centered, grounded. Introspect allows us to examine our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions and our interactions with others. Introspect allows us to determine if we have approached ourselves and others with love.

It is a time of sitting idle to allow ourselves to observe what is happening in the world around us, and to determine how we fit in. Activities such as meditation and yoga provide a framework in which to practice introspection.

Other activities might include sitting on the bank of a lake, river, or the ocean, allowing our thoughts to follow the meandering, rhythmic movements of the water. Or, we can sit on our front porch and watch the activity around us.

The benefit of taking time alone, without noise distraction, is a great connection with our innermost self. We can reach that part of us which is love. From that point, we can them touch others with harmony and love. We become available to ourselves and others when we practice introspect.

Post a comment, telling us what the ways are in which you practice introspect and self-reflection? What are the benefits you reap?



Commit To Your Journey

Commitment of Journey

“Each step leads me further in my journey, offering repeated opportunity to examine myself, my life – the leaves that have fallen, the leaves that will fall, and the buds yet to form.”

This is a portion of the verse that accompanies the image of this gate. The verse goes on to say that, despite the rocky or smooth times, one commits to the journey, which is in each blossom and each leaf along the way.

In other words, it is in what we discover along that way that holds the journey, not the destination. The destination is not the journey. If we choose to look at the journey itself as the be-all and end-all, life takes on a different tone, a different flavor. Suddenly, we are able to see things in our environment with great wonder and awe. We become more aware of the buds forming in our life as we focus on our journey.

It becomes a commitment, a choice, to look at and live in the moment, soaking in what is around us right now. It continues, for we have liked it so well, we thirst for more.

We become accustomed to examining ourselves… our actions, behaviors, the ways we have treated people, and the things said to them. This is an on-going and never-ending action that one learns to do in sobriety. It keeps us abreast of how we treat ourselves and others. Armed with that knowledge, we make the choice to  set things right, perhaps adjust our behavior and thoughts. It leads to greater harmony, respect, and tolerance. It leads to peace.

We commit to this as a way of life, along with seeing the buds and leaves along the way, along with living in the moment, living in this 24 hours. We look at the leaves that have fallen… the past… as it relates to moving us forward. We revisit the past to reflect, to heal, to grow. We use it to keep ourselves moving forward, in the moment.

How does the commitment to your journey manifest? Do you commit to living in the moment, to performing a daily self-inventory? How does this work for you?


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Acknowledgement of Others

Acknowledgement of Others

“We go within so we can reach out to others and we reach out to others so we can go within. It is a never-ending circle of acknowledgment – of each other, and of ourselves. We just want to be seen, to be noticed by those around us. We need to matter to each other, and to ourselves. We do not need to do this alone. We need to help each other. “
OthersI believe acknowledgment is the simplest form of showing respect and kindness to another simply because they, too, are a human being. When acknowledged by another, do you not feel a renewed sense of energy. feel better about yourself and the world around you?

Have you ever noticed the eyes of another light up when you acknowledge them? When I experience this, it softens my heart toward the other person, knowing that I, too, would respond in like fashion if someone were to connect with me. It makes me feel good about myself for having done something kind for another, for having done something to further practices such as harmony and respect and love. So I, too, walk away feeling good. It’s a win-win.

We all just want to be noticed by those around us, by those that are important to us… even by those we don’t know. A nod, a smile… eye contact. A soft hello. It doesn’t take much. My heart can soar sometimes, just by having had a passerby smile at me. Hmm. If I felt that way, wouldn’t it be nice to pass it on to another?

And what of acknowledging ourselves? For me, I have learned that showing myself the same kindness and respect I would show a stranger is crucial for my ability to acknowledge another. When I go within, I feel myself a person worthy to open myself up to you. By paying attention to my needs, by nurturing myself, I gain the energy and confidence in myself to approach you. I go within so I can go without.

And I go without so I can go within, as I discussed above. Imagine this beautiful circle of energy that is created just by acknowledging another, by acknowledging ourselves. What would that be like?

We cannot do it alone. We need to help each other as we each learn, heal, and grow.