Follow Your Dream and Find Peace

I have been blogging with you for the past few weeks about how to find and follow your dream as a means to find peace. The interesting thing is, I am in the middle of pursuing my own dream, even as I write.

Would you like to hear more about how that is working for me, and what it is looking like? Read on…

According to my older sister who remembers the smallest details from our childhood, I claimed that when I grew up, I was going to be a writer. I don’t recall saying this, yet, I can see that it was true. After all, I had been placed in an enriched English class because of my writing abilities.

Years later, decades actually, I published the multi-award-winning book that I wrote and also photographed. Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing is filled with photos of wrought-iron gates and inspirational verses that guides the reader on a journey  to love, value, and respect for themselves.

The book is a 2012 Silver Medal winner for best Gift/Specialty book, and it won the distinguished daVinci Eye Award for best cover art. It received an Honorable Mention for best spiritual book, as well. In 2011, it was awarded the Best Fine-Art Photography Book, as well as a First Prize in Poetry. In the year it was published, 2010, it won two Honorable Mentions; one for Photography/Art and one for Spirituality.

My point is, I fulfilled that childhood dream. I had another dream as a young adult, realized after I was the lead in my high school musical production of Carousel. I was Carrie Snow. I loved being on the stage and stole the show every performance.

The dream which was awakened through this experience is that of being an inspirational speaker. It is that dream which I am following today, as we speak. To prepare myself, I have been attending many workshops to perfect my approach and delivery. And now I am ready to launch.

That launch is occurring June 16, 2012, at the Grosvenor Best Western SFO from 9 am to 4:30 pm. The Grosvenor is located in South San Francisco, just north of the SFO airport.  I, along with LaTanyua Brown-Thompson, grief coach, am presenting a day-long workshop for widows.

The title of the talk is Opening the Gates of the Heart for the Empowered Widow. My portion of the day will deal with making peace with yourself, getting grounded in self so you can cope more effectively with your loss. LaTanyua’s part will include discussion of the stages of grief and how to navigate through them.

Registration is in the process of being developed and should be up and running by the end of this week. I will keep you updated with the site information.

Your dream can become a reality when you believe in yourself and invest in that dream. Keep doing the next thing that appears on your path that moves you closer to reaching your goal.  If I, a shy person trying to stay hidden can do it, so can you!

Today, consider your desires, your dream. Know that that dream is part of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Go for it! You can do it. It just takes perseverance and patience. It is so worth it, as that dream will lead you to peace within.


Open Your Heart and Mind to Your Dream

One of the ways in which you can live your dream is to open you heart and mind to it.

When you have a mindset that you cannot have your dream for this, this, or that reason, you negate the Universe’s efforts to bring it to you.

You see, when you make the declaration that you have a dream you are going to pursue, the Universe steps up to bring you what you need to fulfill it.

Open your heart and mind to yourself, to your capabilities, your talents… the things that are stupendous about you, the things that will make you successful at your dream.

Practice being honest about your dream… humble, yet courageous. Yes, you may have your doubts and this is the other side of sanity talking to you, getting you to look at things realistically.

However, there comes a time when looking realistically at your dream crosses the line and becomes negative self-talk, a series of put-downs. Be aware of when you start to do this. Ultimately, practice trust in the Universe, that your dream is your way to peace.

You cannot do these things when your heart and mind are closed to new possibilities, new wonders and gifts. Today, become aware of how open your heart and mind are to your dream. I invite you to fling wide open any gates to your heart that prevent you from doing this.

By now, your dream has become more than just an idea, perhaps. My heart is off to you… carry on. If you are not moving forward to realize your dream, I invite you to open your heart and mind to it, and to take action.