See Your Dream with No Judgment

As you think about your dream, look at it with no judgment. Do not judge it as right or wrong, good or bad. See it in its barest element. Just see it as it is and accept it.

You may be spending a lot of time judging yourself, your dream – second guessing, doubting. At the same time, you may be experiencing a strong call to your dream.

Pay attention to the call, the pull. Consider, if you are judging it, that you are being too hard on yourself.

“Why do we judge ourselves so harshly for being who we are, if our actions and behaviors feed our spirit and are not harmful to ourselves or others?” Excerpt from my book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. 

When you stop the judgment of your dream, you will be left with the time and energy to pursue it. When you pursue it, you will find it brings you peace to do so. 

The thing about judgment is that it sets you up for failure before you even start. It is a form of negative self-talk. It gives you an excuse not to try to follow it. 

Today, consider your dream with no judgment of it. Let it permeate your being. Notice how doing that brings you more peace… 



Acknowledge Your Dream

Acknowledgment of Others

One of the things you need to do in the pursuit of your dream is to acknowledge yourself for that dream. When you acknowledge your dream, you are saying yes to the Universe. 

The urgings of your heart are there for a reason…. Your soul wants you to pay attention to the messages it is sending in the form of a dream.

I know this image’s title is Acknowledgment of Others, yet in the verse that accompanies it in the book, it talks about acknowledging yourself also. So, consider that the title is Acknowledgment of Others and Yourself.

It is okay to acknowledge yourself, to give some consideration to your thoughts, your desires, and your dream. Again, once you acknowledge these things, the Universe steps up to match your acknowledgment.

We get our strength from others, as well as from within. That is what the little “beings” are doing in the photo… they are looking at each other to represent turning to others, and they have their “backs” to each other to represent the turning inward that is necessary for us each to regroup.

Acknowledge your dream not only to yourself, but to others as well. Speak of it to them so that it becomes firm in your mind and heart. Ferret out the details of the dream, until you are very familiar with it, until the details are second nature to you.

Today, recognize that you need to acknowledge your dream before the Universe can step in and help you out. Happily tell the world about your dream and your plans to follow it. That is all part of what it means to acknowledge it.

When you put your intention out there, all sorts of things start to happen to further your dream. As you follow it, you will start to know peace.  


Hope Quote – We Have Hope When We Follow Our Dream

Ray of Hope

It is 5:30 am Sunday morning and I have been up since midnight. I just popped awake, and decided to get up. Finally, I have made some sense and order of my inbox.

I sit on the enclosed porch and watch the sky to the east. It has turned a shade of dark gray. The traffic noise from nearby Highway 101 is still… I hear two birds singing. It is a reverent time of the day for me, a time in which I connect to Source.

After accepting yourself fully, hope comes to you. “A ray of light across the bars of my being lights the way… instills hope in my heart.”

You have accepted your dream as a part of who you are, part of your soul, and you have committed to follow that dream. This fuels your hope that your life can be fulfilling.


It is now Monday morning at 5 am; I have been up since three. And I am wondering how the day slipped away yesterday, such that I never finished the blog post! I am having hope that I can get back on a daily schedule and not forget to blog… lol

Being in a state of hopelessness is a devastating place to be. When I was there at that point, I prayed to God to let me die. I saw no point to life as I was experiencing it.

Then something happened that gave me hope. I discovered my purpose, that my life had a purpose. For me, it is to share with you the message of self-love and love of others, to share about how to forgive so you can make peace with your life.

Today, look for hope through your purpose in life. What are your talents and skills? Who can you serve? When you figure out who you can serve, you will most likely have discovered your dream. And when you do, you’re well on your way to peace.





Show Gentleness to Yourself as You Heal and Grow

Bed of Gentleness

There is nothing quite like showing yourself gentleness to speed along your healing and growth processes.

It will go a long way toward helping you to overcome the desire to beat yourself up, or to criticize yourself, not only during the appraisal portion of your journey, but throughout your journey.

Cut yourself some slack. I’m not advocating you pat yourself on the back for unkind and uncaring behaviors, but I am saying to allow yourself to be human with failings.

The thing about your failings, your short-comings is that you can choose to change them into victories, lessons to learn.

I am advocating you take a long, hard, honest look at yourself, using humility to do so. And I am advocating that you show yourself gentleness as you do that looking. Beating yourself up is counter-productive.

Feeling regret or remorse over some action, words, or behavior? Be gentle; recognize that you did the best you could at the time. If you’d have known better, you would have done better.

Now you have the opportunity to change anything you did that you don’t like, or, at the very least, to get some peace from your regrets. Be gentle with yourself as you go about making those changes.

Allow yourself to slowly and gently reveal yourself to yourself and others. Showing gentleness to yourself and others is paramount as you continue on your journey to living your dream and finding peace. 




Open Your Heart and Mind to Your Dream

One of the ways in which you can live your dream is to open you heart and mind to it.

When you have a mindset that you cannot have your dream for this, this, or that reason, you negate the Universe’s efforts to bring it to you.

You see, when you make the declaration that you have a dream you are going to pursue, the Universe steps up to bring you what you need to fulfill it.

Open your heart and mind to yourself, to your capabilities, your talents… the things that are stupendous about you, the things that will make you successful at your dream.

Practice being honest about your dream… humble, yet courageous. Yes, you may have your doubts and this is the other side of sanity talking to you, getting you to look at things realistically.

However, there comes a time when looking realistically at your dream crosses the line and becomes negative self-talk, a series of put-downs. Be aware of when you start to do this. Ultimately, practice trust in the Universe, that your dream is your way to peace.

You cannot do these things when your heart and mind are closed to new possibilities, new wonders and gifts. Today, become aware of how open your heart and mind are to your dream. I invite you to fling wide open any gates to your heart that prevent you from doing this.

By now, your dream has become more than just an idea, perhaps. My heart is off to you… carry on. If you are not moving forward to realize your dream, I invite you to open your heart and mind to it, and to take action.





Living Your Dream with Honesty

Honesty is one of the things that holds your dream up; it cements it, just like a weld of two pieces of metal.

How do you apply honesty to your dream? Well, you consider the divine plan for yourself, and if you feel strongly in your heart that you are following that plan, then you are being honest about your true nature. You are practicing honesty.

If, on the other hand, you are having urgings to follow a dream and are not doing so, you are not practicing being honest with yourself or your divine Source.

It is dishonest not to be true to ourselves, and if that includes needing to follow a dream which is divinely supported, so be it.

How can you switch from dishonesty to honesty? You can admit to your heart’s urgings, admit to your dream. Then, start taking action to follow it. You do the next indicated thing that is in your path to do. Over time, you will be experiencing your dream.

When you keep doing the action, you get closer and closer to fulfilling your needs. You will experience peace when you are engaging in your dream, because you are in sync with your soul.

So, go forth and demonstrate honesty about your dream. Admit it to yourself, speak up about it and then follow through to get there. You can do it, you’ll be amazed!



Shed Worthlessness and Share Your Dream with the World

Cornet of Worthlessness

Good morning. Today, we will continue through my book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. The next topic we come to is worthlessness.

Now that we have identified and acknowledged our fear, we can begin to look at other feelings that are keeping us from following our dream.

Perhaps, somewhere in our past lies the secret to any feelings of worthlessness we may hold. Perhaps, at one point, we were told by another that we were useless, that we had no value. Or, we have deduced that on our own.

If you were told you were worthless, let me just say, it was a lie. It is possible that whomever told you that was actually feeling it about themselves. They were feeling worthless themselves, and in their pain, lashed out in agony and frustration, spouting it to you.

The fact is, we each have importance and merit, simply because we exist on this planet. We each have value. Let me say that another way. You have value.

Everything about you has value because everything about you helps others in some way or another. When you are on top of your game and in a positive space, being of use to others, you are helping them to grow their sense of worth and value. That is being of service.

Even when you are being negative and/or hurtful to others, it can be a learning experience for the other person. They can look at your behavior as an example of how they do not wish to be in the world. This can act as a motivator to some, as they then strive to act in kindness and love to others.

There are those, however, who, when exposed to negative behavior from others, begin to believe they are useless and worthless. If that describes you, use even this as a learning experience. Look at yourself and ponder what is leading you to that conclusion. Ferret out what it is that you believe about yourself that makes you feel that worthlessness.

Then try this exercise. Think of one thing that you love to do, the one thing that makes your heart sing when you are doing it. You may or may not do it well, but time may slip away when you do it.

Consider that this one thing is your gift, something you were gifted, something you were intended to have or to be like in order to share with the world. This is your light that Spirit intends for you to gift to others, simply by doing it or being a certain way. 

Now, wear humbly that thing which you love to do, your gift, and go be of service to another. Shed your feelings of worthlessness and stop playing small. Instead, play big, as there is someone out there waiting to receive your gift. They are waiting to receive you in all of your glory and goodness.

The choice is yours. Playing big is the way to peace and playing small will keep you in misery. Which way do you choose? 



Healing Through Nutrition and Gratitude

Today I have a special treat – guest blogger Tom Corson-Knowles. He presents to us a wonderful blog about nutrition and gratitude. Enjoy.
A mentor of mine once told me,
“Tom, you’d be amazed at how much you could achieve in life if you would just stop actively sabotaging yourself.”
I can tell you that this message hit home for me personally in a big way. And I’ve since shared that message with many of my health and nutrition coaching clients and podcast listeners. Why?
Because one of the biggest reasons people have trouble healing is their nutrition – and their self-sabotage. You see, “emotional eating” has become a common phrase these days and an even more common daily occurrence for hundreds of millions of people. But what is “emotional eating” really?
Emotional eating is, in essence, self-sabotage at its finest. We eat unhealthy foods (junk food, ice cream, whatever it is that makes us feel better in that moment) and we don’t eat that food because we’re hungry! No, we don’t even eat that food because it’s good for us. Just the opposite – we at that food emotionally because we know it will hurt us.
Why do we sabotage ourselve this way?
There are many reasons for emotional eating. Oftentimes, in my personal experience, it’s because deep down we don’t feel like we deserve to be healthy, or skinny, or beautiful, or happy or whatever it is. We feel like we’re just not good enough to have those great things in life so just when we’re about to have a breakthrough in our health or in our happiness, we resort to emotional eating to bring us back down.
This whole cycle is part of a big oscillation between two emotional extremes – being overly “happy” and being overly “sad.” I say these words in quotations because it’s probably not exactly those words, it’s different for each of us but it’s in essence a large emotional swing to one side or another (positive and negative).
You see, the secret to healing and the secret to inner peace is to walk the middle path. Being neither too excited when we have a great success in life nor too depressed when we face a setback in life is truly the key to healing and peace.
When we are in this middle bath, we realize that all things in life have a balance, have a duality. Good and bad, happy and sad, excited and afraid, love and hate, life and death, health and illness… this is just a fact of life. And should we fail to accept life the way it is, should we try only to have happiness and no sadness, I guarantee life will throw more sadness your way just to make sure your life is in balance!
That’s not to say that we can’t be more happy in life or have more peace – I believe we can truly live a much happier, more peaceful, more fulfilling life when we come to accept life for what it is – a mixture of both pain and pleasure, opportunity and difficulty. That’s what life is made of.
And when we truly accept life for what it is and have gratitude for the good AND the bad in life – that’s when true healing comes. That’s when we can be grateful for the emotional eating in the past. We can be grateful for the lessons we learned. And we can be grateful for the opportunity to heal and to make positive changes in our life.
Are you grateful for your life today?
This article written by Tom Corson-Knowles, founder of Authentic Health Coaching. You can learn more about Tom and his healthy weight loss tips on his blog.

Living with the Glass Half Full

We have completed the journey through my book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. Before I start over with the book’s topics, I wanted to share an old post. It deals with the way in which we view the world. Is our glass half empty of half full?

I was reflecting upon a blogging class I took a while back. Specifically, I was thinking about how I rated the class with a thumbs-up of 8, instead of a full thumbs-up of 10. When asked by the presenters why that rating and not a 10, I replied that I already knew much of the information that was presented.

It’s interesting I responded in that way, as a lot of what I DID learn was new to me, and very valuable. I was rudely awakened to the fact that I looked at the experience as my glass half empty, instead of half full. Embarrassing to admit, but a valuable lesson for me to examine further, so I thought it beneficial to share it with you.

I was modeled the attitude of judgment about everything and everyone when I was growing up, and the judgment was always negative. I don’t say this to give an excuse, but to allow you to see where my default mode came from. It’s simply a fact.

So, when asked about my thoughts about the class, they automatically went to my glass being half empty, rather then half full. Darn! And I thought I had outgrown that! I certainly have worked on changing that perception over the years.

I believe this experience came up to show me how I still need to work on this issue of the glass half empty or half full. It gives me an opportunity to treat myself with gentleness and tolerance, rather than beat myself up about where I initially went… to the glass half empty.

Additionally, I get the chance to practice perseverance in changing my default to the glass half full.  Life is all about practice, after all… We can turn the other way and become defensive or intimidating about the way in which we see the world as half empty, or we can gently examine ourselves, ferreting out our negative responses when a positive one is just as easy to do.

When we look at the glass as half full, we stay in that zone of serenity and peace. Such a perspective is all it takes to help us stay in that space. It helps us to stay sober.

How do you view the world? Is your glass half empty or half full? Do you have to remind yourself of this, or is your glass always half full? Do you view the world with a positive outlook?


We Will Know Peace

Promise of Peace

Ah, we have finally made it to what we have been searching for. We have made it to peace.

“When I practice the principles of love for myself and others, the gates of  my heart melt into the glow of dusk and peace rises to greet me.”

As the verse says, all we have to do is practice the principles of love for ourselves and for others. If we are kind, tolerant, gentle, compassionate, and  respectful toward all beings, including ourselves, peace will flow in.

There is a stilling of the mind and heart when we reach peace. It’s like the calm of a lake as we look out across the waters.

In order to get to peace, we have had to remain sober. We have had to work at our sobriety, learning and practicing the principles of love.

Forgiveness plays a huge role in achieving peace, for when we forgive, we free ourselves… our mind and our heart. We feel washed clean.

Do you feel more peace in your life? Like the pink glow in the sky, has peace gradually descended upon you, catching you unaware? If so, revel in this feeling. Know that it is a place to which you can return when you practice the principles of love.

Today, enjoy the feeling deep in your heart. Enjoy that quietness and stillness of spirit. My hope for you is that you know peace.