Divine Intervention Through Photography and Journaling


How did Divine intervention through photography and journaling lead to my book?

It was soon after my epiphany in November, 2004, which occurred quite unexpectedly. One morning while journaling, I wrote, “I have spent a lifetime spinning webs of terror and shame between the spires that stand as sentinels to my heart.”

This sentence was quite powerful because I had recently entitled my favorite image of a gate – one with several spider webs – Webs of Fear. I realized that the sentence I had written defined the image, giving it voice beyond the visual element.

This prompted me to review all of my journals and to extract anything that might be used to describe a previously titled gate image. With few exceptions, the prose that appears in Opening the Gates of the Heart comes from my journals, written as pleas to treat myself and others more kindly, with more tolerance, respect and love.

Furthermore, most of the prose was written before both the image was titled and before the insight occurred which led to the merging of the photographs and prose. In other words, most of the prose was not written to fit with an image. It just happened that the prose fit and described each gate.

After my epiphany, the birth of the idea to compile the images and prose to produce a book came about. Opening the Gates of the Heart has woven together an internal exploration and healing from past trauma through my journaling with visual inspiration in the form of photographs.

I neither designed nor engineered any part of this book; rather, it happened because of my willingness to be open to my inner search, because of my passion for photography and the gates and because I acted upon what cam across my path. I attribute this to none other than Divine intervention.

How else could these journal entries match the photographs? I cannot explain it, can you?