Acknowledge Your Dream

Acknowledgment of Others

One of the things you need to do in the pursuit of your dream is to acknowledge yourself for that dream. When you acknowledge your dream, you are saying yes to the Universe. 

The urgings of your heart are there for a reason…. Your soul wants you to pay attention to the messages it is sending in the form of a dream.

I know this image’s title is Acknowledgment of Others, yet in the verse that accompanies it in the book, it talks about acknowledging yourself also. So, consider that the title is Acknowledgment of Others and Yourself.

It is okay to acknowledge yourself, to give some consideration to your thoughts, your desires, and your dream. Again, once you acknowledge these things, the Universe steps up to match your acknowledgment.

We get our strength from others, as well as from within. That is what the little “beings” are doing in the photo… they are looking at each other to represent turning to others, and they have their “backs” to each other to represent the turning inward that is necessary for us each to regroup.

Acknowledge your dream not only to yourself, but to others as well. Speak of it to them so that it becomes firm in your mind and heart. Ferret out the details of the dream, until you are very familiar with it, until the details are second nature to you.

Today, recognize that you need to acknowledge your dream before the Universe can step in and help you out. Happily tell the world about your dream and your plans to follow it. That is all part of what it means to acknowledge it.

When you put your intention out there, all sorts of things start to happen to further your dream. As you follow it, you will start to know peace.  


How to Offer Acknowledgment

The topic after patience is acknowledgment. I share the verse from the book that goes with acknowledgment, and then talk about how to acknowledge.

Acknowledgment of Others

Acknowledgment of Others

“We go within so we can reach out to others and we reach out to others so we can go within. It is a never-endiing circle of acknowledgment of each other, and of ourselves.”

The verse then goes on to say that we just want to be noticed by others, to be seen, how we need to matter to others, and to ourselves. It ends by stating that we need to help each other. We don’t need to do this thing called “life” alone.

Acknowledgment is nothing more than recognizing another and letting them see that you notice them. In the case of ourselves, it is the recognition and noticing of our feelings, our thoughts, our dreams and desires.

It is very simple to acknowledge someone. All it takes is a nod, a smile. If we are talking with someone and another comes up to speak with us, interrupting our conversation, we can hold up our index finger to symbolize “wait a minute. I’ll be right with you.”

It is very important to offer acknowledgment to ourselves. That means first noticing our thoughts and feelings, our dreams and desires, then lending them credence, validating them as we notice them.

On our path to sobriety and peace, we do not want to just look away and ignore these things; we want to offer ourselves the same courtesy we would extend to another. Once we provide our thoughts, feelings, dreams, and desires with acknowledgment, then we can take appropriate action, if indicated.

There is something magical that happens when we acknowledge another. You see, we are each so thirsty to be acknowledged, to be noticed, that their appreciation for noticing them is met with a smile. The same thing happens when we acknowledge ourselves; we gain more self-respect.

Take  a moment today and offer acknowledgment to another, to yourself. Experience the magic.