Stop Playing Small – Practice Tolerance

Practice of Tolerance

Another tool to use to help you find your dream is tolerance. If you practice tolerance of the feelings and beliefs that surface on your journey to your dream, it becomes easier to follow the dream itself. 

How can that be, you may ask? Well, you may find that the dream itself is unsettling because it asks you to stop playing small in the world and to show up totally. That could be scary for some, terrifying to others.

Tolerance plays a role because you need to be tolerant of the feelings that arise, not sloughing them off, ignoring or minimizing them, or self-medicating to avoid or numb the uncomfortableness that may arise.

As I’ve invited before, consider that the desire you have is a message from your soul, knocking at your heart, looking for a way to get your attention because the dream is your intended purpose in this lifetime.

On the other hand, feelings of elation and joy may occur as you contemplate your dream and you may have difficulty accepting these as signals to move forward in that direction.

You may not feel worthy of this joy, and, if so, I invite you to tolerate the fear. In that way, you acknowledge it and then you can get beyond that fear of having joy in your life.

Today, practice tolerance for your dream, the feelings that it evokes. Be with those feelings so you can grow beyond them. And then, take one more step forward toward your dream.





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