Rewards of Sobriety

You will have your own experience of sobriety, of course, and all I can do is to relay what has happened with me. That’s what I have been writing about… my experiences. You will accumulate your own days, weeks, and months of sobriety… over time. As long as you keep focused on the desire to stay sober, the time will pass pretty quickly. That’s what happened for me, anyway.

I remember being new to sobriety. At the time, I was an emotional mess over an unrequited love. I was in huge grief and tremendous confusion over the signals he had been displaying that, to this day, I still swear were indicating that he cared for me. When he said he didn’t, I went immediately to a loss of reality, and, of course, huge grief over the loss of my hopes, dreams, and expectations of a relationship between us.

I was also in huge anger and bitterness. The anger was more like rage at the injustices that were done to me in earlier years… repeatedly. When I became sober, those feelings were so raw, so searing, that the flame engulfed me and all I could do was hang on by a thread and remain sober. Something helped me with that, some higher source, something stronger and more powerful than me. Writing in my journal became my solace, as did walking and meetings. I wrote again and again about my confusion, trying to regain a sense of reality.

If you are dealing with a similar or equally devastating experience, hang on tight to that dream to live without being numb from alcohol or drugs, for it is so worth it! You may find, as I have, that life is really wondrous in all its beauty and splendor. Even the hard times will turn to experiences that move you along on the path to healing.

The rewards of sobriety that I have experienced include the ability to forgive those with whom I was angry and bitter for my whole life. I have been able to see them as fallible, wounded human beings, just like me, wounded from their childhood and never healed. That has been one of the biggest rewards of sobriety.

Another is the way in which I have been able to view the world with kindness and gentleness, seeing it with wonder in all it’s glory. Not only is nature beautiful and awesome, but the people I run across in my life are generous and loving people as well. In their presence, I feel honored to be around them, appreciating them, seeing them with great respect in all their differences and uniqueness.

Of course, the best and most obvious reward has been the lack of hangovers every day, so bad, that I could not function. These I treated with Kentucky Fried or Taco Bell… hot or greasy food to soak up the alcohol. Living without hangovers has been delicious and that fueled me to continue with sobriety!

Sobriety has left me with feelings of peace, and the desire to maintain and continue it. You, too, can feel these feelings, yet, you need to keep sober to do so, to reach that point. You can do this! You can keep your sights on the rewards of sobriety and make it through one day at a time. I wish you well in your journey.


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