Part 2 – Practicing Patience While Driving

Patina of Patience

patienceYesterday, I cited the prose that is paired with this image in the book. It talked about learning to slow down after a lifetime of running so fast. One of the areas in which I have learned to slow down is my driving.

I am not one of those drivers that whizzes in and out of lanes, and I try to be considerate of the other driver. Yet, of late, I find myself quite impatient when behind someone who is not going the speed limit and I am boxed in, unable to pass them.

The muttering that occurs when this happens has grown past my comfort level. No one can hear me, of course, and I’m not honking at the other driver, but it is the angst, the tension that I feel that is detrimental to me and the other driver, and it takes away the enjoyment I get from driving. If anyone has a trick for maintaining patience when behind someone not going the speed limit and they could be, I would appreciate hearing how you do it, what your thought process is…

Other then the speed limit issue, I learned to slow down and stop grumbling at the other “incompetent” drivers when I started driving a full sized van. Frequent lane changes and speeding became things of the past. Instead, I learned to lope along, going with the flow of the traffic. I was one of those that sometimes did not go the speed limit.

That experience taught me to have respect and patience for the RV drivers especially. I learned that sometimes it is necessary to drive slower than the traffic to maintain control of your vehicle. Stopping distance increases a great deal. Lane changes are more cautiously executed. Knowing these things, I have little difficulty having patience with these drivers.

I am grateful for the years of driving my van and the patience it taught me. As in life, going with the flow is the path of least resistance and brings the most pleasure.

What of those drivers that do not have that experience, those who are impatient and drive recklessly, those who exhibit road rage? I suppose we learn to give way in order to avoid an accident. Yet, is that what it takes to gain patience while driving… an accident? Lives changed or lost? It is not worth it.


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