“If we allow our hearts to open, we will fully experience the richness of life.”

Copyright (c) 2011 Carolyn CJ Jones


Ah, opening our hearts… so simple to say and, yet, sometimes so difficult to do…

Having been stuck behind the bars of a closed heart for nearly 50 years, I can honestly tell you there IS a way to open your heart, and you WILL experience the richness of life when you do! You can trust me on this, cause I went through hell to discover the truth in this statement.

I know. I know. It’s difficult to believe anything but where you are now… difficult to believe there is anything other than the unhappiness you feel. You are trying to keep that false bravado intact, to show the world you’re fine and it’s slipping; you’re dying inside.

If this is you, or even if it’s not, what I have to say about opening your heart may be of interest to you. You see, when you have just a drop of willingness to begin to see the world with gratitude, even for the tiniest thing, it begins to change your attitude from a negative to a positive. Over time, you begin to see others and situations from a place of kindness, gentleness, and compassion. These are sure signs that you are opening your heart.

What can you expect as a richness of life?  Delight. Awe and wonder. Satisfaction. The beginnings of happiness… the deep and lasting variety. A smile comes across your face as you imagine what that would mean to your life! It would mean noticing the vibrant yet delicate flower blooms, picking up on a child’s sense of innocence and wonder… their openness and delight at all they encounter. It would mean a deep respect for others when you learned more about the tapestry of their life.

Be like a child in your discoveries, see experiences with gratitude and your life will change! You will more fully experience the richness of life!