Coaching Programs


It takes courage to do healing work. And even with courage, it’s crucial to have support from another person while you’re doing the self-work; it can mean the difference between reaching peace, happiness, and empowerment or not. To serve you in your journey, I offer three private, one-on-one programs.  


Know that in my work with you, I hold your heart in my hands, tenderly, as I gently support and guide you in your journey.


Clients who have gone through my programs have overcome issues with depression, shame, worthlessness, addiction, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and self-doubt


If you would like to experience relief from these or similar difficulties, you may be interested in one of my private, one-on-one coaching programs. 


Private, Individual 1:1 Programs with Me


Awakening Your Soul: Experience Serenity at a New Level


Repairing Your Heart: Regain Your Life and Spirit


Recovering Your Light: Gain the Grace to Shine Your Brilliance


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Online Programs

I’m on the verge of launching a new program called Bringing Peace Home. The projected date it will start is April 24, 2020. It will consist of some lecture style, yet, there is time planned specifically for writing exercises and sharing with the group. 


Meanwhile, enjoy The Song of a Hero!

The Song of a Hero is my free report. It allows you to identify if you have a resentment holding you back in any way. It gives examples of situations and signs that you might have one.


The report ends by relaying a tip you can use right away to move beyond your resentment so you can sing the song of a hero!


To be the hero of your life, get my report. Leave your name and email in the spaces at the top right of this page.

To your growth and healing, your peace and freedom,