Tips For Finding Peace

Promise of Peace

When I practice the principles of love for myself and others,

the gates of my heart melt into the glow of dusk, and peace rises to greet me.

It seems I have inner peace when I practice the principles of living, when I practice loving others and myself. It manifests itself as calmness, quietness in that moment. It is composed of one instant of peace following another, until a block of time has passed and I have maintained that peace.

Letting go of the way I want things to go, surrendering, adds tremendously to the ushering in of peace. It’s not something that I say consciously, “I want to be peaceful.” Rather, it seems to be a by-product of other attitudes and behaviors.

For example, practicing gratitude also leads me to peace by letting me feel that all is well; practicing compassion softens my heart to myself and others, and brings me peace.

I looked for this type of peace all my life, but I was looking for it in others, in a bottle, in all that was around me. It wasn’t until I quit drinking and got sober, that I began to learn that happiness and peace come from within me. This took a long time of soul-searching and self-appraisal before I reached a point of acceptance about who I am.

When I reached this point of self-acceptance, life seemed to change from that point forward. It was then that I began to experience periods of peace within. I think the fact that I learned to take responsibility for all my actions, behaviors, and feelings led to the development of peace. Suddenly, there was no one else to blame for the situations in my life. That was very freeing and evoked a peaceful feeling because there was no more drama in my life, or at least, very little.

As I said, I have searched for this in many places and in many ways. But when I let go, practice kindness, compassion, tolerance, and love for myself and others, and take responsibility for myself, peace rises to greet me.



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  3. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thgins like that?

  4. Wow, you could just as well have been describing me! Not thinking I’m a control freak but getting upset when things don’t go my way, or, as you said, the way I thought they should go.I can SOOO relate. And I, like you, question why the sense of humor doesn’t kick in. Isn’t it true that the older we get, the more we experience, the more we realize how little we really know…

  5. “Letting go of the way I want things to go” — maybe you could write an entire post on just that one topic! I don’t see myself as the stereotypical “control freak.” And yet, when things go the opposite of the way I want them to go (or think they SHOULD go), I become extremely anxious and upset. I do have a great sense of humor. Why can’t I look at the whole “letting go” principle with a sense of humor? At this point, Carolyn, I seem to have more questions than answers!

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