Live Your Dream

Today’s topic is about climbing the stairs in your life and when you do, anything is possible. Anything.


Realm of Possibilities


As long as I take action upon the things which come across my path, I can keep climbing the stairs. Certainly, there is discernment on your part about what you will act upon. But I mean acting upon what is appropriate and moves you forward in your life to help you create and live your dream.

This is as opposed to sitting around, grumbling about your dreams galore, or maybe just one, and not doing anything to help the Universe bring it to you. I used to do that and I’d drink about the fact that none of my dreams ever came true. I told myself I could never do this, that, or the other thing. And then I drank more because I felt sorry for myself.

I discovered a reality when I got sober, and that is that I CAN make a difference in my own success, having my dreams come true. I just didn’t know when or how the dreams would appear in my life, nor what the steps would look like to take me there. The bottom line is that I can help to create my future by the actions I take today.

I held in my heart from a young age, for example, the desire to be a photographer. When I became an adult and discovered alcohol, I fueled the belief that I wasn’t good enough. I allowed my lack of self-confidence and doubt to dictate my actions. In this case, my action was to drink over my sorrow for never having my dreams come true, to drink over the fear I felt, the low self-esteem. I avoided looking at those deep wounds and numbed them out.

Then I became sober and opportunities began to present themselves that moved my dream forward. First, I took a road trip from San Diego into Baja, Mexico, and discovered a zillion things to photograph, which I did. Opportunity one, and see how I took action?

Opportunity two came six months later when I was living in Colorado with old and dear friends, and I took my first-ever photo classes. Plus, I hired the instructor to critique all the photos I had taken in Mexico, so I got feedback about my work. Again, an opportunity and I took action. 

Later, I was living again in the San Francisco Bay Area and got retrained by worker’s compensation as a result of a previous work injury. They allowed me to go into business as a fine art photographer, selling my images. Ah, I was living my dream.

Then, darned if the photographs I took of wrought-iron gates didn’t match up with some of the prose I’d been writing in my journals! And a book came to be, my book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing.

So, my dream to be a photographer changed directions, and all I did was take action on what was presented in my life. You, too, have a shot at creating your dreams. Just climb those steps of self-awareness and self-responsibility that have been blogged about on this site, and take action when opportunity presents itself.

Continue to hold that dream in your heart and one day, when you’re not looking, it may just make itself real in your life.


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