Join me in a Gratitude Challenge!

Visions of Gratitude

Good morning!
In the wee hours of the morning, it is often possible to be still and listen to the quiet. When we take the time to receive from the Universe while in that space of stillness, we can come up with some amazing revelations. For example, as I sit here, I marvel at all that has occurred in my life to get me to the place I am today, to the person I have become. I think about one major thing that has gotten me to this point, and smile when I realize it is simply, gratitude. 
Being grateful, taking the time to be appreciative, can change your entire frame-of-mind. Let’s say you are feeling sad, maybe even devastated, because of a situation that has occurred. As you embark upon dealing with the issue, you can move yourself along the healing continuum more quickly when you express gratitude for all that is, just as it has happened. 
If you consider that everything in your life happens for a reason, for your highest good, then it is possible to look at an experience and ask yourself, “What is one good thing that has come from this?” It took me years to discover if I ask and answer this question when in a bad space, it gets me though my pain more quickly.

A perfect example for me is how I learned to be grateful for an experience with an unrequited love that left me reeling and shattered for seven years.At the end of that seven years, I realized I would still be in my dysfunctional, alcoholic marriage if it weren’t for the unrequited love that led me to leave my marriage so I could be available for the new love, my soulmate. Then, when he told me in a humiliating and shameful way that he didn’t care for me, “crushed” does not describe the pain I felt. That was the beginning of me crashing to the bottom with my drinking.
I was about seven years sober when I thought about how the experience had pried me out of my marriage. Then I realized that, because of the unrequited love debacle, I was driven to sobriety. Furthermore, it was in sobriety that I learned to forgive my past over which I had been angry and bitter for 30 adult years. The burden that fell from my shoulders was immense, and immediate peace and freedom flooded my being. I became grateful for that reason, too. Recently, it occurred to me that I am grateful for the experience because it brought me to the forgiveness work I’m doing today. That’s four really solid things for which to be appreciative, and to appreciate, I did, and I do. :))
Where in your life are you hurting or stressed, resentful or grieving? The challenge I present to you for this day is a gratitude challenge. Ask and answer the question about the pain, “What is one thing I can be grateful for from this experience?” Have you grown? Was it a piece of the healing puzzle you needed to move forward?  Is your life calmer now without the chaos and drama you previously experienced?
When you make that first discovery of gratefulness, come up with that first gratitude, your life changes. It becomes easier and easier to realize what you are grateful for. To discover your gratitudes if you’re stuck, write about it. Then, continue to write about the gratitude you discover. Just as in the image below titled, “Visions of Gratitude,” uncover the beauty and abundance that abounds when you are grateful. Realize that gratitude begets gratitude. The whole world looks different when you’re grateful. Happy gratitude-seeking!
Have a glorious day!


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