Inspirational Quotes About Life and Patience

It is my hope that you will find inspirational quotes about life in this blog for the next topic in the book…patience.

Patina of Patience

Patina of Patience

“I am being asked to slow down so much after a lifetime of running so fast. I do not know how to do that. How do I watch and wait for life to evolve naturally without forcing it? How do I learn to be patient?”

That was me in life, running so fast from one thing to the next, forcing, pushing. The result I often experienced was the world crashing in around me, never suiting me, things turning out poorly.

In sobriety, I learned a different approach. First, I took action whenever I wanted or needed something to happen. Then, I learned to sit back and wait, doing nothing more on that situation.

Instead, I learned to go on to the next thing that needed my attention, the next indicated thing. I learned to have faith that a power greater than myself would work out the details and that the results I would receive were better than if I forced the results to happen.

Here lies the clincher, though. You have to discern if further action is needed on your behalf. For example, I have applied for a job. The interview happened a week and a half ago, and I have not heard from them since.

Yet, I learned from a friend employed by the company that they liked me, thought my skills were strong. Given that, I would have expected a call by now. So, I have decided that I have been patient and now need to show that I am interested in the job, by calling them to see how my application process is going. I believe this call is needed on my behalf. I could be wrong… and yet, it feels right in my gut.

So, patience requires a bit of discernment, decision-making on your part. But, like the patina which has grown on the gate in the image, good things grow over time. Allow that time to pass before jumping in. Realize that the forces of the Universe can do more for you than you can by pushing any result.

Divert your attention by turning it to the next indicated thing. For me in my example, the next indicated thing is to blog, to do my social media networking. Later today, it will be to go to the place where I volunteer. Always do the next indicated thing that is in your path, even if it is washing the dishes. You can meditate, read, or take a walk.

Above all, have patience and faith that things that are meant to be will come to pass. Don’t push life; it is like trying to run upstream in a stream with a strong current. 

Instead, enjoy the scenery around you while you patiently wait in faith. And that does not include tapping your foot while you wait… oh, no! It means truly letting it go and turning your attention to the next indicated thing, then the next, and the next… Doing that will help you find peace.

I hope you have gained some inspirational quotes about life and patience from this post. How do you remain patient in your life? What does patience look like to you?



  1. Thanks you for your kind words, Susan! Yes, overachievers have difficulty being patient… Glad this may be of use to you. 🙂

  2. I love this blog post about patience and life, CJ. As an ‘overachiever,’ this is such a good reminder for me: “Don’t push life; it is like trying to run upstream in a stream with a strong current.” I often expend a lot of energy pushing to try to move forward with things…instead of standing in the present moment, taking a deep breath, and noticing the beautiful people and things that are surrounding me. I need to keep reminding myself of quality, not quantity. I need to be patient with myself, and I need to trust that I am right where I should be in this moment.

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