Humility – Use It To Find Your Dream

Warmth of Humility

When we think about following our dream, one tool we can use is humility. Defined as an absence of pride or self-assertion, humility is needed as we set out to follow our dream.

We use humility to find our dream when we modestly align ourselves with the divine in our life. From this mindset, we begin to realize that our dream is divinely created.

We look to the divine to lead us to our dream, and when we realize what that is, we follow it and we say thank you. We always want to thank the divine for bestowing upon us the blessing of our dream.

For our dream is truly a blessing. It is our gift to the world that the divine wants us to utilize. When we do, we shine. We glow and we prosper.

Rather than look to others and compare their actions and dreams with ours, we look to the divine for clues as to what our dream is. If we are having difficulty identifying it, the divine can show us the way, if we ask. When we move forward with our dream, in humility, we begin to get that much closer to peace in our lives.

Do you feel that tug at your heart strings, willing you to try something different, to fulfill your dream? If you do, move forward with humility, thank the divine for having the dream. When you do, the divine will send forth gifts to help you reach that dream. The key is to demonstrate humility. When you do this, you will begin to know peace. 

What are your dreams? Are you fulfilling them, playing big, or are you playing small, keeping your dream close to your heart, but not moving forward with it?


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