How To Overcome Fear – Conclusion

Now it is time for amends… to myself and others. In this case, it’s not appropriate to tell others of the ways in which I may have harmed them – that would be more harmful. So, I make a living amends… I stop placing them in the role of rejecting me, judging me as less than. When those thoughts arise, I ask for them to be removed, I recognize them as harmful to another.

As far as with myself, I first apologize, and hold myself in compassion for having these thoughts. I remind myself I am a child of the Universe, equal to everyone else, with unique gifts to share with the world, just as all of us have unique gifts to share. I do a living amends by recognizing when these thoughts arise and asking that they be removed. I soothe myself.

Then I find the courage to go about doing what is right in front of me to do, in this case, it would be to send one email to one editor. I find the courage to do this through prayer. Low-and-behold, courage comes and I was able to send an email to all of the seven editors on my list. I was in the frame of mind that I was “equal to,” not “less then.”

The process of looking for my fears, and the harm to myself or others because of my fear, continues every day and I make amends when I identify the need. I continue with my spiritual practice. Then I find someone to whom I can offer help, perhaps someone who is in fear themselves, and I help if I can by sharing my story.

This is how I overcome fear. Do you have methods that work for you, or are you so consumed by it, that you are paralyzed?


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