How to Find Peace in Your Heart

Good morning all! I wish for you each a day filled with quiet peace in your heart. And, that was a search term which I will address today.

First, however, I want to thank you each for your continued visits to my blog. Even on the days when I have not had a chance to get to it, you return. That means a lot, and makes me believe that what I am writing is useful for you, and that feeds my heart and desire to write more. So thank you!

Promise of Peace

Picking today’s search term to write about was difficult, as so many of your searches called out to me. I settled on how to find peace in your heart because, by addressing this, I will be including several of the issues you searched for. To address how to find peace, I will write aboout what worked for me, and perhaps it can work for you, also.

The first step for me was becoming willing to get sober, to take away the substance that was altering my feelings. At first, I only quit because I thought it was going to kill me – the alcohol. Once into sobriety, I realized that by being sober and working on my sobriety, I was going to heal from my despair, my hopelessness, the pains that had closed my heart in life, the hatred I felt about myself, the rage I felt toward my parents for my upbringing.

The second thing which was a huge way to find peace in my heart was to learn how to look at my behaviors, actions, and thoughts/beliefs by doing a self-appraisal. At first I looked at my positive traits, behaviors and actions. Then I tackled my negative behaviors and actions, my negative thoughts about myself and others.

Doing a self-appraisal set me free! It was the largest contributing factor in being able to find peace in my heart because I came clean. I was able to stop hiding the things I had done to hurt others, and I had a chance to apologize. It took me longer to apologize to myself for believing I was a pile of crap, and once I was able to forgive myself, I found a great deal of peace.

I coach people on how to reach forgiveness, of both others and themselves, and that is the ultimate thing to do to find peace in your heart – a deep, abiding peace. To reach forgiveness, it was necessary to address my life’s pains, and this was extremely painful emotionally. But I allowed myself to be treated for major depression and panic disorder, and to see a therapist. These things helped me to find peace in my heart, too.

Oh, there is so much more, and here we are, getting too long again, so I will end by saying this. It is possible to find peace in your heart by being willing to clear out the old and invite in the new… all the wonder that is all around you, all the joy you can experience. Willingness to do these things, to experience these things, will take you a far distance, and things begin to fall into place when you get willing.

I wish for you to take the journey to peace… it is so well worth it. You will be amazed and will find that deep, abiding peace that I have discovered.  May you have joy and peace as you journey.


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