How Committed Are You to Your Journey?

As you view the image below, titled Commitment of Journeynotice the path. It moves upward, each step covered in leaves… obstacles to the climb. At the top, the path curves and then, disappears.

We can imagine that the path has ended in nirvana, in another life after death or in eternal life. 

Each stair represents the stages of our lives, each stage scattered with leaves, debris that would stop us if it could. 

Yet, when we commit to the journey, we gain stamina and courage to get through the difficult things encountered in life’s stages. 

As you climb the stairway of life, may you develop your Commitment of Journey, and may it become a beautiful life for you.

When you become committed, you see everything with gratitude, with great awe and wonder, beauty. 

You live in grace.

If now is not the time to commit to your journey, when will it be…?

Happy travels. 



Commitment of Journey from my book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. Copyright (c) 2010. Carolyn CJ Jones.


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