Healing Through Nutrition and Gratitude

Today I have a special treat – guest blogger Tom Corson-Knowles. He presents to us a wonderful blog about nutrition and gratitude. Enjoy.
A mentor of mine once told me,
“Tom, you’d be amazed at how much you could achieve in life if you would just stop actively sabotaging yourself.”
I can tell you that this message hit home for me personally in a big way. And I’ve since shared that message with many of my health and nutrition coaching clients and podcast listeners. Why?
Because one of the biggest reasons people have trouble healing is their nutrition – and their self-sabotage. You see, “emotional eating” has become a common phrase these days and an even more common daily occurrence for hundreds of millions of people. But what is “emotional eating” really?
Emotional eating is, in essence, self-sabotage at its finest. We eat unhealthy foods (junk food, ice cream, whatever it is that makes us feel better in that moment) and we don’t eat that food because we’re hungry! No, we don’t even eat that food because it’s good for us. Just the opposite – we at that food emotionally because we know it will hurt us.
Why do we sabotage ourselve this way?
There are many reasons for emotional eating. Oftentimes, in my personal experience, it’s because deep down we don’t feel like we deserve to be healthy, or skinny, or beautiful, or happy or whatever it is. We feel like we’re just not good enough to have those great things in life so just when we’re about to have a breakthrough in our health or in our happiness, we resort to emotional eating to bring us back down.
This whole cycle is part of a big oscillation between two emotional extremes – being overly “happy” and being overly “sad.” I say these words in quotations because it’s probably not exactly those words, it’s different for each of us but it’s in essence a large emotional swing to one side or another (positive and negative).
You see, the secret to healing and the secret to inner peace is to walk the middle path. Being neither too excited when we have a great success in life nor too depressed when we face a setback in life is truly the key to healing and peace.
When we are in this middle bath, we realize that all things in life have a balance, have a duality. Good and bad, happy and sad, excited and afraid, love and hate, life and death, health and illness… this is just a fact of life. And should we fail to accept life the way it is, should we try only to have happiness and no sadness, I guarantee life will throw more sadness your way just to make sure your life is in balance!
That’s not to say that we can’t be more happy in life or have more peace – I believe we can truly live a much happier, more peaceful, more fulfilling life when we come to accept life for what it is – a mixture of both pain and pleasure, opportunity and difficulty. That’s what life is made of.
And when we truly accept life for what it is and have gratitude for the good AND the bad in life – that’s when true healing comes. That’s when we can be grateful for the emotional eating in the past. We can be grateful for the lessons we learned. And we can be grateful for the opportunity to heal and to make positive changes in our life.
Are you grateful for your life today?
This article written by Tom Corson-Knowles, founder of Authentic Health Coaching. You can learn more about Tom and his healthy weight loss tips on his blog.


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