Giving Yourself Credit

This is a picture of the sacred home I created in a 1982 Dodge van/RV in 2001. I lived in this beautiful sanctuary with my cherished kitty, Maynard, for three years while I traveled and worked on my sobriety.

This is what I discovered while working on the van, defined as gutting all but the refrig, stove/oven, and cabinets, and then replacing the interior with cherry wood paneling and cherry trim boards. I wonder how many of the difficulties I had then still apply today…

  • I was much more able to do things than I gave myself credit for.
  • I had difficulty receiving praise and compliments about the job I did. 
  • It was after I sold the van that I really appreciated its sacredness. 

Today, there are times when I do not give myself enough credit, so this is a great reminder to do so. Where do you fall on the scale of 1 to 10, if 10 is giving yourself the most credit you possibly could? Aim for 10!

How are you on receiving praise and compliments? Do you talk down the praise? Or do you receive the love and take it in? Do you recognize it as love? You can use another’s praise of your endeavors to lead you to see what you do from a different perspective.  

We often have something in our lives, sometimes something beautiful. At times, we don’t fully appreciate it while we have it. I have come to really cherish the interior of the van and the job I did, especially the brightly varnished trim boards. Thankfully, I have close up pictures of these pieces of wood.

Today, when I think of that wood, so stunning in its mirror-like reflection from 9 coats of varnish, I am reverent. I am so grateful I had the skill and knowledge to produce what I did, and the awareness to appreciate it’s simple beauty. Where in your life are you reverent over your creations? 

If you have difficulty seeing your goodness and accepting praise, you can learn to focus on the things you appreciate about yourself. See it as a Divine skill you were given to develop and grow it in beauty. Learn to say “thank you” to people who praise you and bite your tongue after you utter those words. Soak it in! 

And finally, appreciate everything you have each day, as it may not be here tomorrow. Be focused on gratitude. Be reverent. Enjoy the peace that can come to you. 

To your peace, cj


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