Four Keys of Forgiveness: The Pathway to Peace

Four Keys of Forgiveness: The Pathway to Peace is a gentle guide through the process of healing from betrayal and / or abuse of any kind, to a place of inner peace. The result you receive from this comprehensive course is more lightness, more happiness, more joy in your life. You gain a serenity and a gentleness you never dreamed possible.

Clearly from the title, you can see we are going to talk about the “f” word.

That “f” is for forgiveness and it means that once you reach it, you will experience fewer physical problems that are related to the tension you are holding over your anger, hurt, and disappointment. In fact, your chances for heart disease, heart attack, and even cancer will diminish when you forgive.

Here is what we cover in this course:

Volume I

1. Opening Introduction
2. Course Introduction
3. My Story
4. Intentions and Goals

Discovering the Gates of Your Heart
5. Identifying Wounds
6. Feelings
7. Fear

Volume II

1. Grief
2. Despair
3. Anger and Resentment

Keys to Unlock Your Gates
4. Responsibility
5. Surrender
6. Willingness and Gratitude

Volume III

Pushing Your Gates Open
1. Self-Appraisal
2. Compassion and Forgiveness-Method I
3. Forgiveness-Method II and Forgiving Yourself
4. Working Together
5. Living with Gates Flung Wide
6. Closing

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Four Keys of Forgiveness: A Pathway to Peace

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