Four Keys of Forgiveness: The Pathway to Peace

The Image From the CD cover

Hello, all! Here is my wish for you to have a beautiful day!

Today I want to tell you about a project in which I am involved. It is the creation of a course on forgiveness, titled Four Keys of Forgiveness: The Pathway to PeaceThis course is three hours long, and will be offered as a down-loadable mp3, or as a CD set. A workbook accompanies the course, so you get the complete experience and benefit of working with me to gain forgiveness.

This is an exciting thing for me! I am so thrilled to be offering you the course, which is filled with content and golden nuggets. I believe it will be of great use to those that listen to it.

Last week, I finished the work at the recording studio. The recording engineer, Ben Lienbach, recorded himself giving me the introduction and then I come on and start the talk. We had very few mistakes that needed to be corrected, and I had an awesome experience with Ben. He is amazing!

Now, I am in contact with the company that will duplicate and print on the CD’s themselves and make the copies. Meanwhile, I designed the front and back covers, and sent the design to Greg Daley to duplicate in a graphics program. You’re looking at the photo I used as the base of the cover, which has white printing on it..

All of this has been really fun, and it has been really expensive. I have joined Kickstarter to try to get funding for the project, and now I turn to you, my faithful readers, and ask you to visit my kickstarter page. If you like what you see and if it resonates with you, would you be so kind as to help me out with a pledge? I have until the 30th, Sunday, to get pledges.

Thank you so much for your support, and your faithfulness in visiting my site. May peace be in your life and may you find forgiveness for those who have hurt you.






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