Forgiveness for the Substance Abuser

Forgiveness and Healing for the Substance Abuser

Apart from receiving the professional medical help they need to recover, a person who has experienced addiction needs emotional and spiritual healing also. They may feel many negative emotions about themselves and other people around them, see themselves as failures or undeserving of our love.

It is important for them to forgive themselves and to actively understand that they are in turn forgiven by those closest to them who were the most hurt by their behavior. This barrier to full recovery must and can be overcome. This can be as difficult a road to travel as that of physical recovery from addiction, but when true forgiveness takes place in our hearts and in the heart of the person we love and who is getting better, then healing can and does take place.

This is such a wonderful journey, this way back to full health, physical and emotional, mental and spiritual, a joy to see someone you thought was lost to you returned. Our hopes can be re-awakened and we can look to the future again, just as our loved one now has a future to walk towards.

With the forgiveness and the healing come a state of being that we all desire, that of a deep inner peace and tranquility which shines out of us and touches everything and everyone around us.

I would like to invite you all to open your hearts and minds to the miracle of healing that can take place and wish for you all that state of grace which comes from true reconciliation with ourselves and the world around us.


Eve is a freelance writer, mother of two and has a passion for hiking.

This concludes the post by our special guest blogger, Eve Pearson.


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