Experience A Burst of Joy In Your Life

Burst of Joy

Burst of Joy

I look upon this photo I took with great awe and wonder, as it so aptly demonstrates the burst of joy that I feel in my life today. Every day, I awaken and feel joy throughout the day, coming in waves to me as I experience one thing after another.

It wasn’t always this way, not even close. For those who know my story, you know I spent 40 years very angry and very bitter for my abusive upbringing. I blamed my parents for all my troubles, and I played the victim very well, thank you very much.

Through most of that 40 years, I drank and did drugs, numbing the pain the best way I knew how until one day, things blew up in my face and I hit my emotional bottom. Devastated and shattered, I finally found my way to sobriety. It has been the single-most thing in my life that has led to my sanity, to my joy.

When I first became sober and for the first year-and-a-half of sobriety, my feelings were excruciatingly painful, as all the incidents that led to my shame, worthlessness, and hopelessness were suddenly there, right in my face. I had to deal with them and in that process, I began to heal from old wounds.

Over time, with healing, I began to experience joy over things like a sunrise or sunset, an elderly couple holding hands, and my pet sleeping – at great peace. Each incident of joy was fleeting, and it wasn’t until I had more fully healed that I began to have joy throughout my day.

In my book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, which is where this photo appears in print, I have titled the photo Burst of Joy and I say of my healing, my soothed soul, “I never thought this could happen! My heart bursts with joy!!!”

Perhaps you can see yourself in the way I was, and perhaps you are wanting to change that and to experience joy. The thing is, your heart can burst with joy also. In order for this to happen, start to see each experience in your life with gratitude, thankfulness, for these experiences have been brought to you as a means for you to look at painful issues and to heal from them. Doing this requires you be in the present moment as you go through your day. It involves seeing the world and your experiences with the eyes of innocence, like a child.

Gratitude is one of the two keys to finding joy, and as Ralph H. Blum says, “There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude… a quiet joy.” The other key is forgiveness and I will blog about that next Tuesday.

to your healing, cj





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