Emotional Crying the First Two Weeks of Sobriety

Once again, I wish you each a good morning. May the day hold for you great beauty and love.

I was struck by the search term “emotional crying the first two weeks of sobriety” and will talk about the emotions that hit you in sobriety. And hit you they do, as you suddenly find yourself without the blanket, the numbing effect of alcohol. Suddenly, when you are befallen with anger, hurt, or sorrow, for example, you are doomed to feel it. And it is difficult. It hurts.

You have spent many years, perhaps, taking the edge off, taking the sting out of your emotions, and suddenly there is no veil, nothing for you to fall back upon. So feel you must, and when you’re in it, it feels endless. Maybe even hopeless. But there is one thing to keep in mind – your emotions are surfacing so that you can heal from them. 

That’s right. The past sorrow, grief, sadness, hurt, despair, hopelessness, all are being raised for you to heal from. The first step in that healing process is feeling the feelings. Just stick with it and don’t drink, no matter what. Here are some things you can do instead:

* do brief bursts of exercise. Walking briskly for 15 minutes is a good release.

* call someone and talk to them about what you are feeling. Don’t keep it bottled up. Let it out. Cry as you must.

* write, journal, with your non-dominant hand. All sorts of deep feelings will flow onto the page; continue to write, even as you cry, for it is all cathartic.

I found the writing to be especially useful, as I moved more quickly through my emotions than when I was not writing. In fact, research has shown that when the “other” side of the brain is used, the side we’re not used to using, great creativity flows forth. This was the case for me. Seventy-five percent of the verses in my book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, came from my journals that I wrote with my “other” hand.

The thing about crying is that it cleanses the soul. Allow the tears to flow. Have support systems in place. Mostly, know that it DOES get better. The depth of your pain is equal to the depth of the joy you will experience. Just keep maintaining your sobriety.

If you are struggling with your feelings, please feel free to comment about where you are stuck. I will answer all comments.


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