Developing Tolerance For Ourselves and Others


Good morning. I find it interesting that, having blogged about judgment, other experiences happened that got me to look at the way I judge things. It’s as if it shows up everywhere as a means to look at my thoughts and judgments, and to heal from them, to ask for help to correct them.

For example, after my last blog, I was on hold on the phone for a long time and there was music playing. I noticed that I was judging it… “this is too chaotic and irritating,” or, “this is mellow and soothing.” It was that continual litany of judgments I referred to in my last post. I do this when I am around people, also. A continual assessment of what I like or dislike. Do you do this?

Practice of Tolerance

At first I was appalled, and then I had to smile, realizing that I can just notice my thoughts and say to myself that I don’t wish to be so judgmental. I have to, actually choose to, look at myself with tolerance. And that is today’s topic… tolerance. Certainly, I am a supporter of being tolerant of others, and especially of their differences, but I wish to focus on tolerance for ourselves.

There has to be a distinction between tolerance for bad behavior, i.e. hurting another or ourselves, and I don’t think we should tolerate that. But we can still look at bad behavior and say to ourselves we no longer wish to do that, and then ask for help from Source to dispel it.

I’m referring to just sitting with our thoughts and tolerating them, bringing ourselves to awareness for having negative thoughts, rather than beating ourselves up. I don’t think that solves anything other than making us feel badly about ourselves.

So the next time you find you are having thoughts or acting in a manner that disturbs you, take a minute to just reflect upon it, and offer yourself tolerance. Not excuses… just tolerance. Then ask for help to change that from the source that guides you, and see what happens.




  1. Hi Ravi,

    Thank you for your comment! I was so moved to read your words… I’m glad my words touched you. I love that you said if one is never satisfied in their life, they will never earn to be tolerant. It’s like, learing to be toleranmt of our imperfect lives…. I would love to interact further. Please feel free to email me at : )


  2. Studying human behaviour has become important these days since, daily stresses and work load have tremendous effect on each individual thereby, making him behave in a manner in which he normally does not behave. That is temporary abnormality of behaviour
    You have nicely brought out the importance of being tolerant and how to improve upon the same in oneself. Tolerance is directly related to ones state of mind which is further connected directly with satisfaction levels. If one is not satisfied in one’s life , he will never learn to be tolerant…. Wish to interact with you further on this subject and many more.
    carry on the good work.
    Good Luck

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