Is life at home chaotic?

Are you holding a grudge?

Are old resentments surfacing?

Have you lost your inner peace?




If you answered, “yes” to one or

All of these questions,

There are ways to find peace in the 

Chaos & stress of your life.


Perhaps you had arguments while

Sheltered-in-place, and

Now you have a resentment!


Or maybe, with extra time to think,

An old resentment re-surfaced.

Now you’re struggling with 

The burn of resentment. 




I’ve Been There and Understand




Given that your peace is rattled and

Resentments are forming, 

And given the fact that I’ve been

In huge resentment for years 

And gotten beyond it,

I’d like to pay forward

Some of the things I learned

Along the way on my journey.




Frankly, what I learned changed me from an angry, bitter, blaming victim for thirty adult years, while I drank and drugged over my childhood hurts, to a woman who is sober, at peace, and free from anger and resentment.




With compassion and caring, I want to provide you the golden nuggets you can use right away, such that you reach more peace within. This can translate into peace at home, too. 



There Is a Way to Weed

Through All the Chaos!




Perhaps the most pressing things for you right now are to:



You and/or your spouse were suddenly working from home or are out of work, children are home all day, running around, needing schooling, and although we’re almost past the figuring-things-out-in-the-moment, we have embarked upon re-opening our country. All of this is stressful, as we cope with the fear of the unknown. I get that.




This is stressful. A common response to stress is striking out in anger to various situations.

Maybe you developed a resentment while sheltered-in-place.




Here’s one tip for you to Begin resolving resentment. As you go through the day, find one small thing for which you can be grateful. Gratitude & anger cannot co-exist. Your gratitude doesn’t have to be something grand. Maybe it’s that you have the chance to enjoy your coffee in the mornings.




When you express gratitude, even for one small thing, you add to the level of peace in your home. You feel more at peace inside. It’s also an esteem and confidence booster.



You see, your subconscious feels the gratitude you are feeling and presents additional similar experiences for you. The positive energy of gratitude draws additional things for which to be grateful. 



Is An Old Resentment

Showing Its Ugly Head?




Did this happen to you during the stay-at-home due to the extra time on your hands:




Even when you engage in other activities, those resentments are running in the background. You can’t seem to rid yourself of this angst over the resentment!



You may find yourself beating yourself up unmercifully

Because you can’t stop the thoughts.

Then you feel guilt and remorse!



You Can Have Relief!



You can experience:




The peace and freedom that come

can be immediate!

When this happens:




In order to get to the place I’m describing, it is necessary to do some exploration of your feelings, behaviors, and actions. You may want help to stay on track, and to offer you encouragement and support. All these things are exactly what I do.




If You Want a Solution,

Here It Is!



The solution is the program,

Bringing Peace Home.



The benefits are:




The Bringing Peace Home Program


This program is a 7-week zoom class, including:



In order to make the class a safe place,

Each class is limited to 10 people.

Other classes will be scheduled, as needed.



Program Details



In my program, there are six stages of empowerment we go through in the seven-week time frame.







In this seven-week course, you gain more peace –

at home and inside yourself.



What you learn can

Benefit you

For the rest of your life!



This program is valued at $397.



Having said that and due to the economic

Stress from the coronavirus,

I am offering a reduced rate. 



The program investment is $197




Payment plans are available. Email me today, and we’ll discuss and arrange it.




There are 2 scholarships available to this course. If interested, please write in a short email the reason you need to be considered as a scholarship recipient. In other words, why are you the most deserving?


Email it to with “Scholarship” in the subject line. 



If you’re interested in this program, 

Click on the sign up button!


Sign Up for the Course Here



Course Summary


Module One: Focus in this class is getting to know each other and creating a safe place. We discuss willingness. Contains combination of content, writing, and sharing with the group. 

Module Two: This class looks further at willingness, and covers the practices of  surrender/letting go. Offers content, writing, and partner shares. 

Module Three: A list of up to 5 resentments are explored. We discuss gratitude at length. Content, sharing, both partner and group, and writing.

Module Four: Focus is on a transformational writing exercise, and further processing of resentments identified in last class. Content, writing, and partner shares. 

Module Five: Compassion and a self-appraisal are the focus of this module. Content, writing, and partner shares are included. 

Module Six: Forgiveness is discussed, including myths and truths. We focus on forgiving others. Content, writing exercises, and sharing with the group.  

Module Seven: In the last class, there is focused attention on forgiveness of self. We’ll deal with guilt and remorse. Content, writing exercises, and partner shares.



I’m looking forward to supporting you!

We can do this together!