Commitment to Your Dream Leads to Peace

Commitment of Journey

If you are searching for peace, inner peace, then one way to get it is to commit to your dream. 

As we’ve discussed, your dream, the urgings of your heart, are from your divine and are your purpose in life. You are asked to be following those urgings, which may be one reason why you are reading this post.

Peace is possible when you cease the unrest of your heart, your mind. If your soul is at odds with itself, which it is when we are not on our true path, how can your heart and mind be at rest?

To get to that place of commitment, you must be willing to take this journey, no matter what. You may need to deal with scoffing from a spouse, family, or friends. Even through agonizing feelings, commit.

The reward is a heart and mind that are at rest, closer to peace. What are you doing to commit to your journey to peace?



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