Commit To Your Journey

Commitment of Journey

“Each step leads me further in my journey, offering repeated opportunity to examine myself, my life – the leaves that have fallen, the leaves that will fall, and the buds yet to form.”

This is a portion of the verse that accompanies the image of this gate. The verse goes on to say that, despite the rocky or smooth times, one commits to the journey, which is in each blossom and each leaf along the way.

In other words, it is in what we discover along that way that holds the journey, not the destination. The destination is not the journey. If we choose to look at the journey itself as the be-all and end-all, life takes on a different tone, a different flavor. Suddenly, we are able to see things in our environment with great wonder and awe. We become more aware of the buds forming in our life as we focus on our journey.

It becomes a commitment, a choice, to look at and live in the moment, soaking in what is around us right now. It continues, for we have liked it so well, we thirst for more.

We become accustomed to examining ourselves… our actions, behaviors, the ways we have treated people, and the things said to them. This is an on-going and never-ending action that one learns to do in sobriety. It keeps us abreast of how we treat ourselves and others. Armed with that knowledge, we make the choice to  set things right, perhaps adjust our behavior and thoughts. It leads to greater harmony, respect, and tolerance. It leads to peace.

We commit to this as a way of life, along with seeing the buds and leaves along the way, along with living in the moment, living in this 24 hours. We look at the leaves that have fallen… the past… as it relates to moving us forward. We revisit the past to reflect, to heal, to grow. We use it to keep ourselves moving forward, in the moment.

How does the commitment to your journey manifest? Do you commit to living in the moment, to performing a daily self-inventory? How does this work for you?


As the author and photographer of her book of wrought-iron gates and accompanying prose, it is said by others that Carolyn CJ Jones’ book offers inspiration and empowerment to those in transition, to those souls in the corner who struggle. View the video about the book, which is located to the right of this blog. Buy the book from Carolyn’s website -receive free shipping and your personally autographed copy.



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  3. Haha, shouldn’t you be chagrnig for that kind of knowledge?!

  4. Hi Melanie,

    I appreciated your comment. Thank you! I especially like that you likened our breathing, and being able to feel one’s breath, to the process of living life with awareness in the moment, committing to live looking at the buds and leaves along the way. Delighted to meet you as well, and look forward to your blogs!

  5. Eloquently stated, Carolyn!

    What kept reverberating through my brain as I read your post is how much richer it is to “feel your breath” versus just knowing that your lungs are processing air. In other words, it’s much better to experience your life and your environment as you mover through your journey instead of setting your sights on “getting there”.

    Delighted to meet you and I know you’re going to cherish the blogging challenge journey!

    #blog30 #blogboost

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