The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace

This book brings to you tools you can use to gain peace, freedom from resentment, joy, and happiness. You learn how to get beyond any anger and resentment you may be experiencing. There is more information in the endorsements under the tab labeled “Endorsements.”

To get your copy and to read more about it, click here:  The Art of Forgiveness 

It happened one morning while I was fixing coffee. That still quiet voice said to me, “Write your book. Write it now. You have time cause you just lost your full time job and you have money for a month as they gave you severance pay. Besides, you write better than you speak. Write the book you’ve been thinking about for years.”  

These words brought me up short, as I knew this was my God-voice, my Higher Self talking…  So, I wrote the book. It is now published on Amazon where you can purchase a paperback book or kindle ebook. Use the link above to gain access to the paperback or kindle. Enjoy!