The Promise of Peace

Is your life filled with stress or frustration, or even resentment?

Are you at odds with yourself or others? 

What if you could discover a way to lessen your stress, resolve your resentment, and improve your relationships? 

It is possible to do all of these things. How so, you might ask? Here’s the scoop… When we are stressed, frustrated, resentful, and at odds with others and/or ourselves, we start telling our story about it. We tell our spouse or friend, someone we trust. We tell our sad story again and again and again… Frankly, we wear the listener out by repeating it over and over.  

We’ve all done it. I did it for 30 years as an adult. I had several tales of woe. Is this something you do, tell your tale of woe, your sad story, to others? If so, you can make the choice to look at your story differently.

Here is a technique to use. Ask and answer three questions: 1) What is the lesson from my experience? 2) What positive thing(s) did I learn? and 3) What can I be grateful for?

Promise of Peace

When you ask and answer these questions, you become empowered and empowering! You give permission to those who are telling their tale of woe to instead sing the song of a s/hero! And, you begin to see things from a fresh perspective. You discover peace.

If you choose to try this technique on your story, you can experience the promise of peace. That is the above image’s name. It appears as the final photograph in my book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, because when you go through the process portrayed in the book, you gain peace.

I invite you to sing the song of a s/hero! I’d love to hear how this method worked for you. Please leave a comment and share with us what happened when you answered the three questions. 

To your peace, cj   


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