Invitation of Dialogue

Invitation of Dialogue

“If we as individuals cannot speak to each other, how, then, can we as nations achieve peace?”


Why do we not speak to each other, I mean really speak? What is it that prevents us from talking over with another our disagreements, or differing opinions? For me, it is usually fear that the other person will get mad at me, fear that I will be rejected. I still, at times, allow what another will think of me to govern my actions.

The thing is, when I finally muster up the courage to say something, it usually turns out wonderfully and a nice discussion is had. As long as I do not get defensive or attack the other, that is… As long as I stick to my side of the street… I have learned how to do that in my journey in sobriety. I am blessed with a sober way of living, as I have learned so much about relating with others and myself…

How do I handle things when the other person is abusive. or if I know they will be so? I have to discern that speaking to another will be safe for me. If I know I will be verbally abused, for example, I make the decision to not speak with the other and I try, as I am able, to remove myself from those situations. For me, that took leaving my marriage.

What about speaking to others in a casual way, to those, for example, who are in the grocery line with me? I often speak to another in that situation and have had some delightful conversations.

How do you do with speaking to others… do you not speak or do you take the invitation of dialogue?



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