7 – Day Forgiveness Challenge

Good morning, all, and welcome to another day on my blog. : ) I have given it some thought, and have decided to hold a forgiveness challenge for the next 7 days. The goal of the challenge is to get to the point of being able to forgive one person in your life.

Together, you and I will walk through the steps that will allow you to forgive that one person with whom you have a gripe, a grudge, and with whom you are just plain angry. The end result is that you will experience freedom and peace-of-mind.

Let’s start. The first thing I ask is that you get a dedicated journal to write in every day, one that you can print in with your “other” hand, your non-dominant hand. This is important to try as a technique because it has been shown that writing with the non-dominat hand brings forth your subconscious thoughts. That will become important as you go through this process.

Today, I ask that you get prepared to be willing to look at forgiveness as an option in your life. In order to do that, it is necessary to understand what forgiveness is not.

Forgiveness does not mean you condone what was done to you. It does not mean you are letting another’s behavior off the hook. You are not saying what occurred is okay.

“Be” with those thoughts. Allow them to permeate your being. Breathe deeply and slowly as you contemplate these thoughts. Then, explore your willingness to let go and get to a place of forgiveness. Write about your reaction to these statements, your gut feelings about them.

Write about your level of willingness. If you find you are resistant, not willing to consider forgiveness, write about that in your journal. Don’t hold back; be honest. If you think I’m full of crap, write that. If you feel you cannot go to that place, jot that down. Simply write down whatever comes up for you as it relates to your willingness to consider forgiveness as an option in your life, a way to obtain peace in your heart.

That is your task for Day 1 of this forgiveness challenge. Stay tuned for 6 more days to unfold.




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